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Guest Posting


is now accepting your blogs.


Life is heaven you have is now open for your blogs and quotes. You can post on our website as a guest. Your blogs and quotes will be posted on our websites.


You can explore our categories so that it will help you to write a blog related to what we write and quotes/one-liner/poem. If in the future we update our categories then we will update you. Also, we are open to your suggestion in categories.


We believe that whatever you write is your own, showcasing your talent by telling your stories through some beautiful message. LIHYH is the platform where you can explore your writing skills with us. If you are struggling in generating ideas? We are there! We all are in the same boat and we all struggles in generating idea so, why not help each other? 


Also, feel free to point out our bad writing skills by commenting on our blogs, so that there will always be a space for improvement and innovation in our blog.


Terms and Conditions


Blogs Quantity: The quantity of the blog is a minimum of 750 words. Your blog grammar will be checked by us and approved by us because we are focusing on the way of writing and sending your message to every reader.


If you are unable to complete 750 words then we'll help you complete that 750 words, send us your idea, and that idea should at least be 400 words so that it will help us to expand your blog. We will update your blog and send you to check and if there is any change then we can do it together. 

Credit: As being a guest blogger, it will be your responsibility to give credit to every image, screenshot, backlinks, quotes, data, and many other things that you will be provided.

Also, before giving credit remember that the particular person from whom you are taking photos, videos, or any other backlink is open to sharing their content and for that, you need to read their Privacy policy.

The reason behind giving credit is everyone deserves to be recognized for their research so that sharing their content will not affect our website.


Copyright: Most importantly and a crucial part of our website. Remember that whatever you write in your blog is owned by you and only you. Do not copy from anywhere.


We are going to check your blog & plagiarised your blog for at least two days. If in two days the blog doesn't get approve then we will update you through the provided email. So if you think that your blog will post as soon as you send us then you are wrong.

Steps to send us your blogs.

Step:1 Click on the below upload button.

Step:2 Attached your word file on the email (

Step:3 Most Importantly put your Name and Email Id with the attachment

Step:4 Pres send and wait for our reply.

Steps to send us your Quotes

Step:1 Write your quote and send us on @Life_Is_Heaven_You_Have_Talks

Step:2 Write your Name and Email Id with your quotes before sending us on any social media platform

Step:3 If you send us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest do click on the link.

Comment your queries below if you are having.

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