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Write for yourself. (It’s okay to be selfish)

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Write for yourself. (It’s okay to be selfish)
“Write because you love to write, not for views, not for like or not for share. Write because it brings peace and happiness to you” Harsh

Let me tell you about myself I’m Harsh author and everything of this website I have been writing since 2016 I use to write on Google Blogger at first I intended to earn money from Adsense. I would like to tell you, readers, that you would be writing or you want to write just don’t ever make an intention of earning money at first yes, you wanted to earn money and that’s genuine I was too wanted to earn money but what most important than money is your quality content.

So, being a kid an earning on your own is a big thing and this thought I guess always comes in my age people. The bad part was in the first I never took this writing as a passion like a vise when intentions are bad your work is never gonna be as qualitative as it should be. Although I got approval and all sort of things from Adsense

After some days when I got to know that I’m not earning much from Adsense, I stopped writing for 9 months which is bad but after these 9 months, I got an interest in writing again.

In this duration of 9 months, I was connected to the digital marketing aspect, why? because I was fascinated about digital marketing and also I was connected to reading thriller books like Lee Child – Killing Floor and many more also with this all book I was also into the reading of motivation and spirituality which help me build a passion for writing.

After this 9 months, I wrote all the blogs for myself only myself because that all brought peace and happiness this all stories or whatever you wanna call, I have written all by my heart and never by the intention of earning money from Adsense or more views or more likes or more share. Yes, the motive was that you wanted to be read by each and everyone on this planet because inside you you know that at least 1% of this world population will read your blogs and might help them mentally by many means or motivate them.

Write it for yourself because whenever you will look back again I’m sure you will get motivated and by the stories which you have put on and the photos on the blogs will take you back when you click or wrote this blogs and give the feeling of yes, you made this far. Now when you write there will be many obstacles that will come between you while roaming around.

Those problems are people not every time they will create a mess but as I have said that write it for yourself here you will hear that people want you to write whatever they will say but not every time you can write whatever they say. The worst thing is you will get the various weird and weirdest topic from the people who don’t even know what you write on what topic you write, I’m not criticizing but what the point is here you have to write for yourself because this could be the book of motivation when you will be old and sitting on a moving chair this will help you mentally.

So here it is very important to write it for yourself because this blog will motivate you, inspire you for your future when you will look back and see you were the only person who can motivate yourself. You will find the joy when you read those old blogs you will feel grateful for what you have written till the time.

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