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How I Made My 2021 Schbanging Year.

Your passion and life goes together nether you can ignore your passion or life, maintain your balance.

Again sorry for the delay. Writing this down after 2022 is half completed. But if you love reading, I hope you will share my story. To just give you a glips this is part two of What Happened in 2020? if you haven't read then I urge you to read that first.

It was the first day of 2021 and I knew that I need to hustle very hard this year. As I have said in my previous blog I have given over 20/30 interviews and had a terrible breakup.

As I was doing an internship I knew that I had to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital marking, so I and my friend were someone who used to apply for jobs wherever our stream has an opening. We use to research the company after we use to give an interview and I won't suggest this to any.

I knew how digital marketing companies have this culture where it's okay to be late sometimes and can wear casuals. I and my friend used to dream of working in this type of culture. We were constantly giving interviews and after some time I and my friend went to our MBA college to ask about the placement status.

This is where I got a call from Schbang an Martech company. It was one of the best interviews I had given. Just like some other interviews I and my friend started researching Schbang and from the first glance, I knew that I want to work there.

It's been over 15 days since I gave the interview I knew that I'm not selected. I started reaching out to people on LinkedIn who work in Schbang even the Co-Founder. But none replied.

I was giving up but I still had to message someone who created Schbang. Reached him strangely on Instagram at 12 in the afternoon and got a revert at 12:30 in the night, he asked for my portfolio and that was the time when I was feeling strange wondering do SEO people have portfolios. Wrote a big mail to him attaching my blog website asking him if I can work freely as an SEO Intern.

I was hungry and I wanted to learn more about SEO. The next day I got a job as an SEO Intern. I knew I was joined as an intern and wanted a full-time permanent job. I visited Schbang for the first day it was empty except for two cats (Matt and Penny). The first question that popped into my mind was who brings cats? I mean it's an office. I was nervous very nervous. I didn't know what to do or whom to meet and because of that, I left the office and head back home.

Something that I would like to highlight about Schbang is that yes, I agree that the working culture is glamorous but understand it's all those passionate people of Schbang who have helped build this company, it's never about only one person it's about the team.

I was fortunate enough to be trained under THE BEST PEOPLE, it's like you admire that teacher who taught you the basics of English. I had people around me who are big brothers not in age but from their minds and maturity, Schbang is a company where women are dominating, and that's what makes Schbang different than other companies.

I knew within 1.5 months that I'm gonna be getting a full-time job and it was my birthday when I get to know officially that I'm gonna get a full-time job as an SEO Executive. I joined when there were only 5 people and it's October 2022 the team is around 20/25 people and we bagged the first SEO Award for Schbang.

As the year were passing and we started earning we again planned the Goa trip but this time it was different because we were traveling by ourselves with our hard-earn money. The trip made me understand how important is to have a life outside of being passionate.

It's October 2022 I'm writing this blog and I'm very grateful to the founder who replied to me and those people who taught me the ABCD of SEO.


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