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Why it took a pandemic to give importance to mental health?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

If you find people who are struggling to find happiness, help them find their own because you don't know your small efforts could save lots of lives and if you can't then what more important is to be nice to everyone -Harsh

Look i'll tell you how our mental health matters and why we didn't give importance to our mental health until this coronavirus pandemic.

PS: You might feel this blog is a Rant on people who don't give importance to mental health.

We as a human we don't self-audit ourself, some people don't even know what self-auditing means. Now to those people who don't know how to do self-audit, let me give you an example first. When we are running a business we always do an audit at the end of the month, half-yearly or yearly, as it is important to analyze profit and losses.

Just like companies, it is important to audit yourself and that too every day, but here you need to audit your mental health, where you need to ask questions to yourself

  1. How am I feeling today?

  2. What's taking up most of the space in my head?

  3. What will I engage in today that will bring me joy?

In this pandemic, we have been forced to stay with ourselves and that is because of coronavirus. People who haven't spend time with themselves are the ones who suffer a lot from mental illness.

By staying with ourselves in this quarantine we understood how important it is to spend time with ourselves and check up on our mental health. While writing this blog it feels like, why still people don't focus on their mental health? Why it took a pandemic to give importance to mental health?

In this quarantine, the amount of awareness about mental health is increased, just like people are making long/short videos about mental health, blogs on mental health, creative photos about mental health, and many more things. But to those people, I have only one question, why it took a pandemic to give importance to mental health?

In this world, there are two types of people first who know what is mental health but don't care and the others who don't know what is mental health. Here I'm going to talk about those people who think that mental health is a waste of time.

People who think that mental health is a waste of time are the one who creates a taboo in the country, where if a person shares or talks about mental health then they might call "PAGAL" and that is where the person who is suffering from mental health gets scared.

Here in India, people don't care about mental health, the support towards mental health is what lacking in every household, I mean if a person's parents don't care about mental health, do you think that person will talk about his mental health with anyone? He will continue suffering and that's why you hear or read everywhere that you need to be a good listener.

Most people who don't know about mental health comes from the generation where there was 0 amount of awareness about mental health and from those times people who we know are our parents. Indian parents are apathetic towards mental health especially when their children explain them. And if people start to understand mental health then they will have a question that were they healthy in their past life.

Sometimes it is not good to be in the first place in the whole wide world because we as a country INDIA we come first in suffering from mental health issues followed by China and the US. It's so strange that a country that has a population of 135 crores doesn't care about mental health. The most staggering part is that 6.5% population is suffering from depression and much more mental illness, which sums up to nearly 8.5 crores of the population, it's more than the population of South Africa.

People are looking up to the death ratio of coronavirus these days but forget to see the death ratio by mental illness, World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that in every 1 lakh population 21 people are committing suicide but still, we focus on the death ratio of coronavirus. One fine day there are gonna be tons of vaccines for coronavirus but what about mental illness that doesn't have the vaccine, what are we gonna do for those people who are suffering mental illness?

The amount of fear we use to show at the start of the coronavirus was huge and if we start to show for mental health from today then you will see a different world. The most devastating thing is that we can measure everything but we can't measure how things made us feel.

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