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Why it's so important to feel nostalgic?

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

"Feeling nostalgic is the source of being grounding in life"

What is Nostalgia?

Nostalgia is a word, everyone likes to hear and everyone loves to feel. Nostalgia is a feeling where you always feel overwhelmed, feel happy, feel fond, and feel good. Nostalgia is felt by everything you see through your eyes, no matter if it is a living or non-living thing.

Difference between feeling Nostalgia and talking about the Past?

People have a different perspective on feeling Nostalgic and talking about their Past. Whenever we talk about our past or we being nostalgic there is a pessimistic and optimistic vibe that always comes through. Let's talk more deeply about these two terms.

Nostalgia is something we always say "Those were the days" and we smile. Mostly we always feel nostalgic with our close friends and family. Nostalgia is a feeling which people love to talk about with everyone and cherish all those happy moments which he/she has created. But if we talk about the "Past" then you would often hear people saying "I don't wanna talk about my past" that's where you will find the pessimism. The Past is a sense of losing someone or something, for everyone the meaning of "Past" is different but mostly it always sounds pessimistic.

Makes you grounded.

Moving forward in life we face many struggles and many hurdles, but when you look back and feel good it always makes you feel grounded, by making you realized that you have fought all those struggles and hurdles. Just like when you look back and you find yourself struggling with mental health and now you have found ways to fight your mental sickness.

Helps you value things in life.

Nostalgia helps you to value things and those people with whom you are surrounded. When you see kids being happy in small things then you understand how important it is to find happiness in small things. When you play cricket or any games with kids you start having nostalgia and the reason behind that, you forget all the conflicts which are going inside your head and you start to value the happiness which you are feeling while playing cricket.

As we grow in our life we would be having our childhood friends and cherishing all those memories with them is the best thing we can always have. While we cherish all the memories we always talk about all the fun, all the troubles we have faced, all the tears, all the happiest moments which we have created with them, what we learn from all this is that we know how we have treasured all the memories and moments with them because we value all the fun and never judge them.

Helps you build a Relationship.

Talking about our childhood friends and being nostalgic, they are the biggest motivation to move forward in life because of them we will be valuing all the relationships which we would be facing in the future. They are the backbone that helps you be calm in life, by making you feel secure that we are gonna make more memories, so when we are on a death bed we will be nostalgic and die happy thinking that we have created memories and moments with them.

Things to remember.

Most importantly remember that feeling nostalgia is good, but the saying is no matter what it is having too much of anything will cause you or your surrounding in trouble. Just like always feeling nostalgia will never make you happy because nostalgia is a secondhand feeling of happiness, though it is also as much important as you feeling sad.

In life, you should remember that every emotion you feel has its own stand, you can't compare any emotions with anything or you can't degrade any emotions because in life everything and everyone you face or feel are important.


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