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Why It's Always Hard to Say Goodbye?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

You only have to say goodbye once to embark on your new journey.

Hey, it's the author and everything of Life Is Heaven You Have, Harsh. I'm going to share the experience of why it's always hard for me to say Goodbye. I find saying goodbye to anyone close to me difficult and you know what, it's fine.

Goodbyes are hard and no one enjoys saying them. Nevertheless, in life, moving on may also be an important thing to do to begin a new journey. My heart used to wonder when I would get to see my loved one again whenever I had to say goodbye or I wondered when I would be able to see her again. *Anxiety kicking in....!*


Although nostalgia can be sedative, you still enjoy feeling those emotions, don't you? We never say goodbye to cherished memories as these are not meant to be goodbyes.

Saying goodbye to anyone made me weak mentally for a time, but over time, my happiness changed, my priorities changed, and my way of seeing a life changed. That's what life is all about, moving forward while acknowledging that you are living life to the fullest, experiencing every emotion along the way.

It's inevitable to say goodbye to a lot of people or organizations throughout your life, but how you say goodbye makes a difference and what emotions do you feel when you say goodbye?

You might have told someone goodbye after a fight in your life and never said another word to them. That's anger, and being angry is unhealthy. You don't feel grateful for the days you have spent with them at that time, that's when the importance of gratitude comes into your life.

On certain occasions, you simply had to say goodbye, because it was for the betterment of your life and theirs - spending more time together will only hurt you more and who knows, maybe you're holding on to something that isn't right for you. You might be deserving something more.

In light of the fact that one day you had to say goodbye, don't you feel it would be good to spread happiness by keeping everyone happy around you? It's understandable that you can't please everyone, but at least you're trying your intentions are good and ultimately, that's what counts, right?

Occasionally, I think saying goodbye to someone or something is important because the longer you hold onto something, the more you will choose the bleak path for yourself. Accepting that this is the last time you will be talking to them or spending time with them is important because that enables you to be strong while keeping in mind that it was one of the most beautiful and valuable experiences of your life.

Moreover, I would say that goodbyes will always be hard for me. I'll always stammer when saying them, but hey, as we know someday we'll have to say goodbye, why not make some great memories that we'll cherish for the rest of our lives?

Keeping in mind one day I would have to bid farewell to this universe forever, here I am creating some beautiful memories around the world.


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