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Why it is so important to have good mental health in this quarantine?

"Make yourself busy with what you love to do because you have to now look after your inner self" -Harsh

So hard to believe this whole world is on halt by this pandemic, but on the other side we see that nature is doing its work, nature is healing which you might have seen on the internet right? I'm sure you have because I'm guessing that you would be getting some time to look into your phone. So, here I'm gonna talk about the mental state of people or at least I'll tell my mental health or what I have heard from people about how they are facing problems about mental health and why it is so damn important to maintain good mental health especially in this coronavirus outbreak.

Its been more than 21 days now in India, to be precise we are right now in Lockdown phase 2 and I'm sure that some of you might be bored sitting at home but to be honest, this is the time to be a real hero for your county you can save so many lives by just sitting at home, that's what you wanted to do right? sit home and be lazy. So, let's talk about mental health now in this time of being quarantine it is very important that our mental health is stable because if you didn't maintain your mental health than automatically it will affect your physical health too so it is important to maintain a balance between both of them.

Mental health is what only you can understand by yourself no one is gonna know your mental state except you. So, it is important that you start to take the guard of your own mental health because this is the time where your mental health will take a toll on yourself. You need to focus on yourself you need to analyze yourself that how can you make your mental health stable. There are certain way you can make your self busy which I have explained in deep in my last blog so basically, I would say that do something which makes you happy but here I would say that don't expect that whatever you do will give you some returns in some materialistic way, but here you have to think, that are you satisfied by doing what you are doing and if not then you will get bored and start to feel anxious you will feel anxiety creating stress in your head and all sort of things. In this quarantine it way important that if you are feeling this all things that avoid looking negative news I would suggest that just uninstall the news apps on your phone because this is the one of the things which will create a mess in your head.

Firstly remember one thing that it is all okay to feel all these feelings because you are gonna feel this in this quarantine and it is also okay that you are not being productive it is all fine. Here is what I do in this quarantine, I have made a schedule for myself where I start my day at 11 am and then have lunch and after then I start to do those things which I have never seen myself doing, which is where I'm building myself to find some new passion for myself and what I do is, for now, learning photoshop. Then after doing this all things I give time to parents I talk with them because it is our responsibility to make them involved in our sort thing or be involved in their sort of things because if you didn't give time now then this time won't ever come back.

When you see that your mum makes food for everyone every day so, come forward and help her by yourself and sort her things out because only our mum is the superwoman who never gets a holiday these days too but, with that try help other too because you see down your building poor people might be staying and watchman too would be there guarding your building help them by serving them some food and be kind you are the person who can make this humanity beautiful and I'm sure your heart would be felt way satisfied after serving. I hope you stay healthy and help people who are in need but stay home and stay safe.

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