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Why is it important to find happiness in little things?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

"Don't let your mind to miss out on the tiny speck of happiness around you" -Harsh

Our entire life we are in pursuit of happiness, aren’t we? People always think that it's hard to find happiness at their worst times, yes, it's hard but it's not impossible. Even though it seems like nothing is going your way during those times, it is crucial to forming a habit to find small things to look forward to every day and enjoy the journey. Because what many people don’t realize is that it takes constant efforts to stay positive in every situation life puts you in.

Since our generation has the opportunity to dream on a bigger scale than the older generations, it has led our generation to expect a lot from their life. And when our expectations don't lead us where we want to reach, we start to feel disappointed for all the efforts that were put, but we forget the joy of putting in those efforts. First, you need to define what brings joy to you and then try to integrate that with your efforts, or else everything will start to feel mundane. Like for example if you have set a fitness goal but you don’t like working out, try to listen to upbeat music and having a dance workout like Zumba along with a regular workout. This way you will love the journey just as much as the destination.

If you talk about one of the small things where I find happiness, it would be in meeting people and having great conversations with them. Obviously, this quarantine phase has everyone craving to meet their own friends, but have you ever thought about why didn't we feel the same excitement when our lives were normal? For me, I always found happiness in meeting people no matter if I met them after ages or I met them yesterday and no matter how much time I get to spend with them. Think about what things like this make you look forward to which will let you know what brings you joy.

Just like the previous example I also find my happiness in food, let me explain. Let us assume today is Monday and my mum says that she is going to make pizza on the weekend. This becomes my 'excitement bottle' for that whole week to be energized and gets me through all the work which I don't like to do. Yes, this might sound childish but this is how I find my small bundles of joy.

There is another side to this too. You have to keep in mind to not get too greedy with these bundles of joy. As it is in our nature to gain more and more things that bring us joy, we might get distracted from what we are actually using these bundles of joy for, which is to get through the mundane activities. Like a single call or talking over the phone with someone can bring you joy but if you start expecting more calls from them, it will not be a good mode of escape but will rather become another thing that brings you down.

When it comes to making constant efforts to stay positive in bad situations, it starts from finding joy in things that are already around you like petting a cute dog, seeing a baby's smile, helping poor people, motivating people, helping your mum in the kitchen, and many more things. There are people who will find their happiness in things like smoking and drinking. This is an example of toxic happiness as these can lead to unhealthy addiction and harm your mind and body in the long run. Find joy in things that puts you in a peaceful place and makes you feel satisfied because you should be happy by doing something good, not by doing something bad to yourself or others.

With this, you also have to help others to make them feel good, help them find their happiness. You never know how much it can mean to a person, even a stranger when you are kind to them. If you think about it, the world is not bad, we as human beings are making the world bad so try to do your part in making the world a better place. You might not know how and when you turned someone’s day around just by being nicer to them.


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