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Valentines is a myth until you won’t love yourself.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Valentines is a myth until you won’t love yourself.
” You don’t have any rights to love someone until and unless you won’t love yourself” Harsh

In this world, there are billions of people who love some of the other person, but have you analyze or calculate how many of them love themselves?

There is no crime to love a person but for me, I would say that yes, there is a crime if you love someone and hate yourself because the world is beautiful and people love to laugh with whole their hearts with happy tears. But if you see from the perspective of the people who hates themselves then it is hard to just ask them to love themselves.

But if you see people who hate themselves are the people who will love someone with the whole of their heart, they won’t disappoint the other person, they will care like no other person because they know the value of love. Still, if you know by some means that the particular person is hating themselves then help them to love themselves who know you might be a valentine’s in someone’s life.

You see people who are struggling in their life, help them no matter how you can but just a ‘Thank You’ will give them a hope to this world that there are people who are good. Simple care and a little time will help them in their life.

Life is hard we know and we can understand but it is important too that they start to take steps by themselves to love themselves. No matter who you are what happened to you, you are those diamond who is rare no one can find like you yes, I agree that words are just little and it might not affect you or help you but think deep it has the different world in thinking deeply about loving yourself.

Valentines is not about Girlfriend or Boyfriend it is always about love and spreading love in this world, this world is shrinking towards negative things you have to spread love, you have to be valentines for everyone. Help people who fall in front of you, who struggled walking or finding ways, be their valentines, respond to their ‘Thank You’ with hugs and then the world will be a beautiful place you will ever see

Hoping that you will be a valentine’s in someone's life or in their bad times with your attitude of spreading love and happiness in someone’s life.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

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