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Traveling is a new escape.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Travelling is the new escape.
“If you think adventures are dangerous, try routine: It’s Lethal.” – Paul Coelho

Feel so good right, to hear about traveling! Let’s talk about it and let’s see what traveling means exactly in our practical life, it’s way different than what we see and hear regularly. 

In our childhood our mum never allows us to go out and chill or travel with anyone. As we grew up we make friends, best friends, and more friends and chill with the one whom we trust and where the bond is the best. We turn old and our group of friends starts to decreases, but the best part is the one who stays with us is the one who belongs in our life and is the one with whom we travel and chill a lot in our whole life.

Having an amazing friend and traveling with them is the best part which everyone would think and might have in their bucket list. Everyone has the dream to travel with their friends because the beautiful thing is while traveling we had tons of talk! tons of feels! tons of funs!. 

But have you ever imagine traveling alone? We hear songs while traveling, in reality, those songs might not related to traveling but those tunes remember the word “TUNES” those tunes remind us the best part of our life and this is where we find an escape from our troubles through traveling.

Travelling is the new escape.

When we travel alone we feel every damn thing around us we never think about the trouble around us, traveling always makes us forget the trouble around us. When we hear the songs while in a car or while sitting near the beach we always tend to remember the beautiful things which happen in our life, have ever thought about why we think only beautiful things? 

When we hear the songs while traveling we are more connected to our subconscious mind because there aren’t any people to disturb you there is no one to make you feel irritated. There are many positive things which happen with us while traveling like we feel happy, peaceful calm, and composed and many more beautiful things. 

The breeze which hits on your face will remind you that no matter what happens in your life you will fight by yourself not to make everyone proud but to make your own self proud. When you see the big giant mountain it will make you feel that the problems which are there in your life are just small things because you need to climb the big giant mountain to be successful. While climbing the mountain you are gonna find many people along with you or who knows you might be climbing with the people, some will may kick you to be there at first or some will help to you, make you climb the mountains, you are gonna find amazing things while climbing the mountain. 

Traveling is very important in our life because we don’t like to eat some rice every day right? No matter what how much money you have at least find those routes and lanes where you haven’t walk, find some new places around and I'm sure there will be some different kind of feelings within you. Traveling is where you will find new cultures with various types of people and many more new things. 

But have you ever thought traveling would be the only escape for your trouble and bad days of your life? No right? one day you will stop traveling and find yourself back home where you will feel those traveling days were the best days of your life. But as someone said that not every day is the best days of our life, you need to be flexible in your life because if you didn’t as I have said before someone will kick you from the mountain to reach first. 

In your life traveling would be the biggest part of your life, but the way you travel your own life would be the best days of your life. There ain’t any same size mountain everywhere there are gonna be some small and some big giant mountain, you need to climb the smallest first and then the big. You might get fall tons of time but the important part is to climb again and again until you reach up there where success is waiting for you to come.

You are the one who is gonna make your life travel every part of emotion, places, feelings, troubles, and many more things in your this small beautiful life so,


“Make your life an adventurous, because you are gonna make your life travel many things.”

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