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Importance of Taking Breaks.

Taking break is never about quitting, it's about understanding yourself.

I'm back after 3 months of break. As I always say that Life is heaven you have is all about me documenting my life so that when I'll get old and read about all this stuff, I'll laugh and bit*h about myself, talk about things which I did when I was young with someone who I love and be nostalgic and will tell myself that "You get through all these".

I took a break because it was important to understand myself, learn about myself, ask all those questions which I never answered to and that's the reason if I didn't spend much time with myself then I won't able to document my life. Well, I'm writing this blog because you need to understand what benefits while you take a break.

  • Discover yourself.

When you take a break from anything it is important that you discover yourself, what I mean to say that you need to find your own potential, you need to sit down alone where you find your own peace and ask all those questions like Why, What, When, and How. Trust me trying some weird stuff with yourself is where you will discover yourself.

Take every help to discover yourself like listen to music, if you think that listening to music will help you discover yourself, then do it. While you sit down with yourself open your doors of thinking, think as much as you can, you might think of various wired stuff and most of them would be sad thoughts but to be honest, it's okay to have sad thought for only sometime because thinking sad every time is toxic.

Understand that discovering yourself is not a fast process it is about time. You might fail to discover, you might waste time, you might face problems but the important part is you don't have to make your life a stereotypical life, your life needs variety.

Try new skills or play some sports which can help you discover more about yourself. In fact, playing a sport which makes you happy is what you should do even when you are not on a break that is at least on your weekends.

Talking about new skills if you haven't try something like drawing, try drawing so that you might get to know some new skills about yourself and who knows that might be life changing.

  • Understand your mental health.

One of the most important parts while being on a break is to understand your mental health. Mental health mostly gets affect when you take a break because you are used to your daily routine and habits.

Mental health is something controlling your own thought process. Trust me if you can control your mind you can yourself and you will have a happy life. The thoughts which come into our mind leads us to make some wrong decisions, so understand that it is important to control your mind.

Just like you pamper your physical health, you have to pamper your mental health too. The way humans take care of their physical health is way different, we need to take care of our mental health the same way we take care of our physical health.

  • Give time to your family and friends.

The most important part to remember that when you take a break from something you spend those free time with your friends and family. The reason behind spending is you need to stop thinking about those things because of whom you have taken a break. That doesn't mean that you have to permanently stop thinking about it, you have to pause for some time by thinking about it, not stopped yourself permanently.

Talking about spending time with your friends and family you need to feel free from your mind because we spend time with our loved ones because you know that those are the people with whom we will feel our freedom.

With friends, we know that no matter what we do or wherever we reach in our life they will always make us feel grounded and with family no matter whenever we spend time with our family especially with our parents we are always gonna be their small baby kid, no matter how old we get. That's why it is important to spend time with our family and friends.

  • Take rest.

The most important part which you have to do is resting. No one will ever tell you that you need to rest, you have to decide, that are you feeling tired? no matter if it is physically or mentally you need to take a rest if you are feeling tired.

Resting is something which helps you to be healthy and fresh. If you didn't rest enough then you know that you are not gonna be in a good mood.

Giving your mind a break from thinking is something you should do by resting. I'll say it again, remember that resting is not stopping yourself permanently it's about pausing yourself for some time.


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