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Time Flies.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Time Flies.

Remember one thing Time Flies if we fly. Have you ever think that whenever your days are going bad, you will feel that time is not running fast and whenever your days are going well, you will feel why can’t this time just stop?

So, let’s start with today’s topic “Time Flies” 

Today I’m thinking about the last year, never ever believed that a person like me would come this far and make his parents proud. We human our mind think negative in the worst phase of our life, we start to quit the things we always dreamed of. In our childhood, our dreams were so beautiful so childish that we believed them from our heart but suddenly we grew up and society spoiled our dreams. The one who is crazy and dreams like a child is the one who becomes big and has the ability to change the world. Kids are the inspiration to our lives they are the example of how to stand up after falling. Kids never thought what society will say, what others will think they are free from every bad thing around them.

In the journey of our life, we will meet so many people who will teach you many things maybe not intentionally but you yourself will understand by your own experiences. In our years and years, we will meet bad people where we will focus on only bad things around us because we often are very curious to solve the problems between the bad people and the others who are good are the one who will be left alone so don’t hold them back in your life. 

We are gonna be part of so many people, there are gonna be so many stories, so many adventures don’t you feel excited about it? We are gonna meet people where their stories are gonna teach us, inspire us in our life. Having said that all after one year you yourself know how much you have gone through in your own life because there are gonna people to point on your life.

This universe is way bigger, they’re gonna be many types of clouds which are gonna come above your head but you are the sunshine to yourself, and to others who heads are under the darker cloud you need to help others and yourself because walking alone is harder. So the darker clouds will never stay for a longer period of time. 

Struggles are gonna be there because without them you are never gonna love your life but you have to make sure that those struggles wouldn’t stay for a long time in your life so, for that you need to practice and learn which can help you through life. Being talking about years I have been in an interaction with an amazing people in this one year listening to their struggles, understanding, feeling, them all makes me feel that my life isn’t that hard as I have been thinking, it was just I was walking unknowingly under the darker cloud until and unless a ray of sunshine came in my life.

While we are down in our life our mental state is never in a position to accumulate things. We would be surrounded by amazing people but at that time the value of the people are never understandable at that particular period. Unless and until there isn’t someone to bring back you in the sunlight, yes there would be moments which will change your life for me those decisions which I had taken because someone is the one because of which life is change. That perfect moment is the best time of your life unless and until you respect those small moments. 

So in the end, I would say that I have completed this one year with beautiful people, beautiful memories thanking would be not enough for the people who have been in my life but here I’m giving you a big hug from the other side of the world.    

“When you will fly time will fly with you”

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