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Thread of love. (Part Two)

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Thread of love.

You don't have the authority to love anyone if you don't love yourself. -Harsh

As I said we will talk about misuse of the thread of love so, let’s begin with it. Firstly let’s be practical about love so as I have said in the last blog that love is not about “marriage” it is about being with each other forever and understanding each other.

This world is full of love but where there is love there will be hate because, if there's only love then the world will never be stable because to understand the love you need to feel hate, though it is not important to feel hate if you ever feel you will understand the value of being loved and spreading love. Only love will never make you a mature person in life, it is mandatory to experienced hate only by which we will grow in life and learn every day.

Living fictionally in a real-life is like looking down from the 100th floor and expecting that you are going to fly. Be practical because that’s what makes you feel like you’re flying high in your life by learning through your own experience. This is the generation where people focus on others instead of themself. People want that people should change for them but they don’t know that change starts with your own self.

You have this beautiful life chasing people is not worth it, somewhere it feels like it is not our fault, our surrounding is what affects us, as you are born you are trained in a way people want you to be trained. No one has taught you to think or do something productive.

In this world love is just a time which people want to pass by. People never take love as a serious topic to discuss or understand. Misuse of love is a crime where you won’t get a jail because hurting anyone’s emotion is not technically an offense in this world.

In many countries love is just a pleasure for people where you can find incidents in every newspaper yes, it’s a crime but just a nonbailable statement is enough for them? Nowadays love is not safe enough to express it, has various vulgar words by which it can be express.

The thread of love has been misuse always and if you want to bring change then you are the one who will bring change. If you misuse it there be will a loss of respect, time, effort, and everything which you had with each other. A broken heart can lead you to do bad things in which a person can lose himself or herself.

Love is not scary it’s the people who make it. It will make you overthink but that’s the catch you have to solve. Love is about freedom and feeling ourselves but, in this world, it is connected to a word called jealousy, anxiousness, curiosity, and whatnot. Love is not about limiting yourself, it is about feeling ourselves. Love is not an object, it is an emotion.

Spread love in a good way as you bring happiness to someone’s life. Love is where you will find yourself. Love is freedom towards your feelings. Love is what will bring change within you. Love is everything you need in life.


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