• Harsh Patel

The thread of love. (Part One)

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Thread of love.

"Love is the only source you will ever find to spread happiness in the world" -Harsh

So, first of all, let me ask you what is love? Getting married to your love is what you call love right? Basically, this is the generation who doesn’t know what love is, as we born, we have been pampered, we are loved by everyone but as we grow in life we have never been taught that how to feel love.

This is the thread of love where you find various kind of love, this isn’t a small world this is big heaven full of love, there are many types of love between son/daughter, between friends, between brother and sisters, between animals and with non-living things too. So, love doesn’t define by gender, now the world is evolving there are many types of people who have their own perspective towards love. In this world, there's a lot of hate revolving around and we need to spread love! You are the one who is responsible for spreading the love because if you start then everything and everyone will follow you.

Have you ever seen a ball of thread? Yes! I guess you all might have. The ball of the thread is what stays together, it's tangled but it stays together, it should be the same for love, there will be the time that everything will be tangle just like that ball of thread but you have to stick around like that ball of thread. It connects your soul and I'm sure you will find and build your own heaven within you.

Love is to make yourself happy and with that, it will also help you to make your surrounding the happiest place you might ever see. People connect their thread of love with one another where they find their beauty within each other. The universe is going to be very beautiful if you didn't compare it with any sort of thing or anyone.  

 There comes a time where the knot of those thread starts to break, the love starts to fade away in just a blink. The first question comes into the mind of a person is, what is the reason? there comes parts where you never feel guilty about yourself because you always point out your first finger on them but forget to see that the other four fingers are on you.

Love is what where you think about your partner first, care for each other, staying there with you in your ups and downs, and last but not least, love is what inspires each other. Love was never about always only “marriage” it’s is about staying together till the end.

The knot in which you are tied with is the one who is going to support you till the end of your life. But not on your every decision because not every decision is gonna be as satisfying as the last decision. In this life the efforts towards each other should be the same and satisfying towards each other, that's what helps you to build the strongest knot of your life. There will be times where your knot isn’t going to be strong the way when you tied it for the first time, not every time the way you think is going to happen. Life is all about learning and growing. Being talking about “thread of love” there are various types of threads with everyone has, some are strong and some are weak, what you need to do is to never stop spreading love which you are showering in this world. So with love, there also hate and the misuse of the “Thread Of Love”  Do read the misuse of “Thread Of Love (P:2)


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