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Things to do in Quarantine.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Things to do in Quarantine.
“Quarantine is the new opportunity to explore yourself” Harsh

Since the world is in quarantine, I’m sure that you would be knowing about the CORONAVIRUS pandemic till now. The government has ordered us to stay home for at least 21 days, companies have made all their employees work from home and people are confused about how will they stay inside their homes for this long and how will they do their work.

So here I’m gonna talk about quarantine days where everyone has their own perspective towards being quarantine. While some people are happy staying quarantined, people who are not happy are the ones who are worried about how they are gonna spend their time in this quarantine. For that, I have some things you can do in these dull times.

1. Work out physically and mentally.

In this time of quarantine, it is very important that you maintain your physical health because health problems may arise from physical inactivity. With that said it is also important to maintain your mental health as staying inside for a long period can make you feel crazy. So the question is how will you maintain your physical health in this quarantine? For your physical health, you can do some of the physical exercises by watching videos on YouTube and Instagram. For mental health, if you are a newbie like me, you can do meditation on YouTube at 10 P.M Indian Standard Time (IST) with Jay Shetty as he comes and teaches us how to medicate so it is a great chance to learn meditation by Jay.

2. Eat Healthy

Along with doing exercises, it is crucial to eat healthy food for the best results to be seen in your health. So if you didn’t eat healthy food then your exercises which you have been doing will go to waste and in these quarantine days, we are not able to eat outside food anyways. Since we live in a country like India where the population is high people will stock up outside food no matter how much govt says that the essentials will be available for this 21 days quarantine. So just try to avoid eating processed foods as much as possible.

3. Wake up your creative side.

Polish your creative side and do those things which will make you feel good, which will bring joy and happiness to you. There could be so many things which you could find in yourself like dancing, sketching, painting, writing and many more. If you are feeling ambitious memorize the lines of that song you love or even better, write a song or a poem. This could be the time where you can work on creative projects since you have finally got all the time you needed.

4. Read what you love.

Reading books during these times is one of the best ways to escape to some beautiful world which you have never been to. This will help you mentally because of course if you read the news or any of the coronavirus articles you might feel worried so it is better to read things that interest you, which will bring peace to your heart.

5. Start thinking of something new.

Time is what the world has bought from mother earth so this is the time if you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur start to think. This is the time where you can think big, as you have the chance to experiment with things which can be experimented by sitting at home. You can think of so many things by sitting at home, but what’s important is that you don’t just have to think, after this pandemic is gone you have to implement those things and if you have a business this is the time to think about the strategies for the long term and yes, you are not alone to think about your business because you can be in touch with your trusted people by calling or by texting them.

6. Learn something new and find a new passion.

Learning and finding new passion is what most people will do at this time, so try some new things which are out of your league like cooking, reading if you are not an avid reader or you can even learn a new language by using Duolingo. Try to watch those videos which will help you to develop yourself and yes you might get bored watching those videos or it might get hard to do those things but you might not know what your true potential is and might love doing new things which will become a new passion and might become a new profession.

7. Talk with your parents like you have never before.

Talk with your parents because you are at your house in lockdown for at least 21 days so this is a perfect time. Make them feel loved and appreciated and if you can’t then listen to what they talk with you and create interesting conversations, I’m sure that they will feel good, thinking that our kids listen to us. Also, try to understand deeply what they say and if you do this, man I’m telling you, life is going to be way beautiful, it would be like these 21 days can make your at least 21 years beautiful. Also, try talking about those things which you never talk with them because I know most of us don’t talk about our personal things with our parents. I agree that it might be hard to do those things but you have to understand the situation and then talk as having friend-like relation with your family is a great thing to have.

8. Watch movies.

And in the end, it is also important that to make yourself feel relaxed, in this time you are not gonna do same things again and again so it is also important to make your mind feel relaxed but try to watch those movies which will help to develop yourself like real-life documentaries on things you find interesting so it can also give you benefits from both the ends.

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