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There’s nothing Good and Bad phase of emotions.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

There's nothing called bad and good emotions our emotions are dependent on every other things in our life but take those emotions as an experience of a life-time.

” We live in the world were our emotions are handled by the other’s” Harsh

In our whole life, we always think that there is a good and bad phase of emotions, we always think that whenever we are happy or sad our emotions take a big roll in our life by which we get different kind of pleasure which we feel in our everyday life and which is cool!

But in reality, there is nothing called good emotions and bad emotions we live in this world where our emotions are dependent on different kind of situations which occurs in our life, our emotions are dependent on others and which is natural. What most important is you need to control your own emotions, you need to take stand on your emotions because there is very much chances that you will get harm by making your emotions dependent on others

Let me tell you what happens in real life. As we grew in our life as we get older and older we first come in this world and your emotions get dependent on your parents and family which is OK! at that age, you are not that mature that you can handle your own emotions. You laugh when people try to make you happy, you become sad when there’s no one around you, you feel scared when you are alone in the room.

As you come in a school you would see that kid in school make their emotions dependent on the materialistic things like toys, which is not good at that time you been busy in play those games and you left the things which you need to have done at that age like take a part in activity’s like Swimming, running, sports and many more.

And then we enter the most important age of our life which is when our emotions are dependent on others, people like at that age we start to have girl-friends/boy-friends and many more relations were we be happy around those people where we feel secure our emotions feel secure. You would have faced this whenever you meet your best friend or anyone the changes happen in your personality you feel very active you start to feel very happy and excited but have you ever felt those things while you are alone in a room? Now you are way mature than the small baby where you don’t feel scared alone in a room but still, your emotions are never handled by yourself whenever you’re alone in the room.

We think that whenever we having a bad time and whenever we are sad or having something negative emotions we always thing that our days are not going well but as we think that there aren’t any bad emotions than it would make you feel like though you are having bad times but at that time you will think that how can you bring the betterment in life by making it correct which have been incorrect for a long time, you will make this bad emotion as one of your experience in your life which will help you doing something good for the future.

What happens in this world that your emotions are dependent on living and non-living things, the important part is that although your emotions are dependent on every other thing then yourself but ask yourself what are those emotions are bringing are they bringing betterment in your own life? are those emotions are drifting you into something bad? If those emotions are bringing betterment in your life by doing something or by sticking with someone then do those things again and again and if those emotions are drifting you into something bad like doing drugs, alcohol or any other sort of things which will harm you than find the way to bring yourself up in a beautiful harmless world.

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