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Taking back my MBA memories (Second Year).

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for great response to my last blog. I hope my blog has touched you in some way, if you haven't read then do check it out.

Link: Taking back my MBA memories (First Year).

" Try this: Say 'See you later' rather than saying 'Goodbye' I'm sure it will bring a different kind of relief within you." -Harsh

It was the day when everyone got the message on their phone about their particular stream vise class arrangement. People were a little sad that their first-year bench partner was not sitting beside them because of their different streamlines. Most importantly we were sitting with Batch 1and another various batch, but batch 1 who we always thought of as healthy competition.

Let me tell you about batch 1, just like some other Bollywood college life movie we always had a competition with batch 1, and the college professors used to praise Batch 1. But the sweetest part was that they always boost up when someone goes down while presenting or in any other activity; which is serious and could avail marks from those activities or else that attitude of competition is always up.

No matter how much competition we had with them but in the end, we always get together. It's the time when we were in our first year P.S if you haven't read the last blog still then do check out right now. Here I'm specifically talking about the first year because let's talk about togetherness. We all organized a cricket match competition with various big MBA colleges, where our college were the organizers and that leads us to work together.

Talking about togetherness we get along with batch 1 where we made some beautiful friends, which I personally never imagined will impact my life so much. Life is never hard if you think in a positive way, life is just excited and full of surprises that you have never imagined in your life. We were starting to make new friends and it's hard to say but groups were starting to split, the loyal friends stayed who were together from the first year.

In the second year, we never sat lectures as much as we set in our first year because we knew we were making new friends; who don't love to spend time with new friends and knowing them in a hope of making some 'beautiful memories' for a lifetime. Again everyone was making memories, falling in love, and breaking up, and that includes me too. As we were bunking lectures we knew we would need notes for our exams that too for our major and minor exams and for that we helped each other in our studies.

Time was passing by and we were fighting to have a so-called industrial visit. Then some days later the college decided to take us all to GOA. People were happy and sad both and the reason behind that was that happy because we were finally going and sad because we were traveling from the bus for 12 to 15 hrs. As we were traveling from the bus and spending time we had fun most of the time from pulling each other, making funs of each other, making noise, and many more things.

The trip to GOA was memorable for each and everyone in their own different ways. On this trip, we had the time of our life, where we night out with all the gossip we had and being nostalgic about our whole MBA life, and from drinking the cheapest alcohol, and riding on a scooter to every beach, and going down from those long trees, we all knew we were making the best memories to remember for our whole life.

Yes, I'm not forgetting that sit reservation fight between Batch 1 & 2, for that, we made every professor awake at 1 am and made them realized that we are not done yet with GOA. This sort of competition is gonna be one of those memories where if someday in future someone talks about this surely there are gonna be a laugh, smile, various kinds of emotions which will roll all over.

We all know this trip is the last trip where everyone is gonna be together. It's always hard to say goodbye because you don't want those happy moments to end this early. This is life, to make more happy moments you need to move on. We know that no matter how old and far we go in our life, we are gonna talk about these beautiful memories with our loved ones in near future.

To all the professors and mentors in my MBA, no you are not forgotten, you are the people who have shaped the life of every MBA student and to all MBA friends we know that we made beautiful memories in these two years, don't ever say goodbye! but see you later.


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