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Taking back my MBA memories (First Year).

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Be grateful for the memories which you have created while reaching towards your goal. -Harsh

This blog is gonna be my heaviest blog to write right now, heaviest as in where my heart says to not let go of these memories I have created with my friends, I want to live these memories again and again but the mind says you have to move on too in your life to create more beautiful memories.

Let me give you my educational background before I start with my MBA memories (P.S: MBA Memories means here I'm gonna talk about the memories which I have created with my friends, the moments I have made with them, the self-improvement which I have seen within myself, and many more things.)

I'm a guy who has been poor in his education history because if a guy who is promoted every time in his school life will always consider him as poor in studies. In 8th and 9th STD, I had jaundice and Chickenpox respectively, and considering that school promoted me. Whenever I think that I was promoted I always feel I haven't completed my schooling and that leads me to be a poor performer in my further studies.

So, it is 'The Day' we are having a heavy heart as we are gonna complete our exam of our MBA, though it was online, we are now gonna end our college life, but not with our friends and the memories which we have created with them. Here I'm writing this for all the people to whom I have met in my MBA life, especially to 'MY BATCH 2'.

No one believed me that I would ever do an MBA because of my past grades were poor. But I was the one who only believed myself that I can do it and that's how your attitude should be. So, let's not waste our time and dive back to when we were an unknown person to each other.

The first day of college and I was unknown to everyone. I decided that I have come here to do something, to improve myself, and most importantly to change myself. A boy who comes from changing three trains is not less than changing states. For me, everything and everyone was new. In the first year of our MBA, there were some highlights where we created memories.

From Induction to Presenting in front of everyone with some unknown people, from organizing events and participating in events, from copying in the exams and from emptying lectures by joining a company for an internship we all miss each other. Yes, bucking lecture and going for tracking is something that I never imagined that I would ever create memories that I'll always remember when I'll get old.

Let's start with Induction. Induction was the best part for my self-improvement because when I look back to when I became superman in fancy dress events in school I could never imagine I could ever speak in front of so many people. Induction was a part where we had to present on specific topics with everyone, we didn't know each other but those presentations helped us to understand those unknown people who have now turned friends with who we have created memories.

Time passed by and I made many friends. While giving the presentation, some gained confidence, some improved themself, some learn new things, and some opened a new business. Just like any other college life I always wanted to be recognized but in a good way. (P.S: Don't judge me I don't wanna live like 'Student of the year') People saw me presenting myself in front of everyone and invited me to their groups to be their friend and ask me for my help in their business.

What am I gonna talk about is a topic which is never ignored. It was a day where we were preparing for our internships and for that we all need to come in white cloth. We were clicking photos with their friends. Suddenly after clicking photos I saw my boys' group were clicking a group photo and by overly excited I fell and gotten in a mess of having a fracture on the next day.

Moving in further and fighting for organizing college events we became more close and close to our friends, some turns out to be long lost love, some found their best friends, some broke their hearts, some selflessly made someone special. In the end the excitement of organizing events that I explore within myself because this was my first time and probably the last time. Togetherness is what we all found where there was healthy competition in events like PUBG competition, dance, singing, acting, and much more competition.

Days were moving fast as we were reaching near our internship. Slowly our class was getting empty people were getting nervous that will they get to work where they are wishing. Some people were kinda sad as their friends were joining in a different company but by wishing them luck and happiness. 2nd Semester where all of them come under one roof and give an exam, people were wishing each other 'All the best', and finally, one-day exams got over. Everyone was hanging out on the day of the first year of MBA and asking them to meet in 2nd year and be in touch.

Don't forget to read the continuation of the blog where I'm gonna talk about the 2nd Year of my MBA Memories.


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