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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

“You can have it all, but not all at once. –Oprah Winfrey

Time… This word is so small and explains a lot of things beyond our thoughts, right? It’s very hard to explain this word called time in a short, it’s very hard! Many big people had said that time is money, money is time. 

But I would say that time is every damn thing, with time we get so many things emotions, money, memories, feelings, value and what not time is everything for a person like me, because time always matters from being punctual to being careless, by which our personalities can be described. We often take time so loosely like we don’t care about our time not even other's time because we never taught that what is time in school right? So, we are so careless from the beginning of our life. I would say that every parent should make their babies learn how to value time and what is the valuation of time because if that child didn’t learn what is time than when he will hit by LIFE he won’t survive for long. 

Time is what we never value in any sort of thing like education, playing, eating, relationships, and what not. In education, we often had a habit of starting studying when our exams are ten days away. In playing we often waste our precious time of study by playing. In eating we often eat a lot while we are angry so that we can pass by our time by not think about what bad things were happening in our lives and in a relationship we often spend our time by many ways that are selfishness was only we only think about our own self and never think about how the other person would be going through, the same thing with ego and every damn thing which is only and only for ‘me’. 

We should respect time because what time is opportunities if we waste our time on the things which are useless we are wasting many sorts of opportunities in our life. With that, we should also have some patients within us because it is very important to have some patients if we start to do things very early then there is a big chance that we can lose the opportunities and the innovation which we could have done. If we start to respect time from our childhood, then the pace of thinking will be fast which can help you for your betterment of the future. 


If we talk time through the money factor than the people don’t usually know where to put their money or they don’t have that patient which is very important in the field of money. It’s the basics say that we take so much time to earn money and it won’t take a second to lose everything which you have earned from the past years. 

Talking about relationship no matter what kind of relationship that is we often take granted we take a lot of time to understand each other's feelings so those beautiful time for creating memories goes in vain. Some days can also end where we got to busy with things which we were dreaming of for doing from past years and we start working on it with all our passion but we can’t give our precious time to our loved once so those can be a time where we can lose our relationship with the people who once cared about us the most, yes from their perspective it is alright to get upset, but in this there comes a way of understanding if the other person understands than.. hey you reader you have the best relationship with that person, those are the situation where you need to understand the other person, you need to be selfless.              

Time is what you should 

Give some time to yourself → Think about the process → Than implement it.

 Because if unfortunately, you gone wrong than the time you have spent doing things won’t get waste, you might be thinking how? Because..

We spend → We experience → We learn  

So this is the way you can not waste time in simple word I would say that if you have wasted time than make sure that the same mistake which you were doing would not happen again and again. 

“Start to respect time, time will respect you” -Anonymous

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