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Surrounding Matters.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Surrounding Matters.

We always compared things with the one person to another person who has a lot of friends and with the other who doesn’t have friends I mean, have but not as much as to spend your time traveling over the places P.S – That’s me. So, let's get start about our today’s topic “Surrounding Matters” 

This world is full of a human creature with various kinds of beliefs, state of mind, and whatnot, what I’m gonna cover here is, people we meet in our daily life, how we should deal with them, and how we shouldn’t deal with them. From the day we are born we start meeting people with various kinds, in the starting we see people love us we start to like people. As our age grows we as a personality never change no matter what you try to be, but being with yourself you are gonna be who you are, that is introvert or extrovert. If I tell you about a person who is introvert it is gonna be like no matter what happens to him, for him the best company will always gonna be his own self because no matter how much he tries he won’t ever change and in the other side of the extrovert person whatsoever happen to him, for him he won’t stay alone because the things which happen with him will make him anxious, uncomfortable or irritated and so on.., that he will try to find a person to express his feelings to him in Hindi it’s called as (भड़ास निकालना).

It is important to surround yourself with people because that’s what helps you to grow in your life. But in today’s time, we don’t know with whom we should be with so, what happens is we be with the people who never help you to grow in your life, there comes a time where our mind starts to make various types of assumption for that particular person he might be right, he the person who speaks right always the thoughts might not end because you won’t ever find any flaws in them, there are gonna be times were our life will never get away for good things. Be with the person who gives you a right guideline on the right time, the reality is that no one respect the time, we spend time doing things which is useless so, it’s very important to have good surrounding which can help you to respect time gives you a proper guideline. More importantly, be a real you, be the one whom people follow don’t ever be the one to follow others.

Good circumambient gas is like you can learn new things from the surrounding it can help you develop your own self. No matter how big or small your surrounding is, the more your surrounding will be good the more productive your life will be. The bad surrounding can divert your mind but good surroundings can inspire and motivates you. In the end still surrounding won’t matter until and unless you won’t try or make an efforts to put in your best on your own self, being passionate about what you are gonna do will make your surrounding a better place where not only others will inspire but also you will be the person to inspire others. So, as I have said that you can also inspire others it’s like there are some moments where you don’t know that the things which you do, which reflect your results will inspire others, ya! it might be a small achievement for you but you don’t know with your just little efforts you can change the look of the world. There are going to be times where being surrounded by tons of people standing between the crowd will make you feel like you need a break, you might feel you want to be alone for sometimes ya! it’s okay it’s alright we as a human we need some time to spend alone because for our self we also need to be healthy by mentally.

It is important that if you are surrounding is bad and you have the ability to be kind it will be the best thing which you can do. Because in the end what matters is love, not hate. There isn’t any chooses to select the particular surrounding it is about you have to analyze and change things that are needed.


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