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Start Thinking Big.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Start Thinking Big.

This topic always makes you think that ‘Damn we should have to think big’ but we never think. In this world, there various type of people with who we are in contact but no one thinks big like there are NONE! 

And the one who think something different are the one who called an as****e, our surrounding area always the reason by which we get influence way faster than anything. In this world it’s very important to have some friends who are way practical in there life who never think impractical things in there life, but ya! sometimes always thinking practical and not having emotion towards anyone can also be bad for your own life. If we talk from the start of our life we have been taught that don’t think about the things which are not gonna happen, our own parents makes us think that “Only thing in the limits of your own sleeping blankets, if you think big it could be considered as an Fiction”. So our own upbringing are like this than our thought are never gonna change when we grew up in our life. 

We live in a small house with some ordinary stuff we never believe that in our life change can happen, we never took efforts to do something different in our life because we always scared of our failure. Those were the times where those things always affect in our mind the failure, overthinking, wrong decision and what not. But only thinking big is not the solution in your life you have to do something different in your life. When we start to do something big there are gonna be hurdles in between for starting we need to be get those problems solution and have to obviously solve it. If we took an example of Steve Jobs he always had an big idea of doing something big he never think what people will think how others will judge you, but at the end of the time he was the biggest person to who people follow. You know that our parents always demand us that bring 95% to 90% in your exams right, than at the same moment they say that if you think about 95% and 90% then only you are gonna get close to 85% to 80% so, the logic goes like this start to think big at least a little change will follow you and those little change will matter most in your own life.

Start thinking big from now its never too late for thinking big, bring change in your life it’s the only way to do something big in your own life. Life is way shorter to do something big in your life, but it’s never hard to do something different and big. If you started doing now at least you will reach somewhere where life is different than you past. 

“If you didn’t start to think big, life is gonna be small forever.”

P.S: Yes! I know it’s been weeks i haven’t posted, the reason behind that was I’m a kId i was having my exams, so sorry for not being active. 

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