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Social Media vs Mental Health

Social media is nothing but a drug, that drug that can help you like medicine and can also drag you high like smoking weed. It's on you who has the ability to use social media because if you use it extensively then you will get into trouble, but if you use properly managing your time then you will be fine and be productive. It's that simple that you can find this solution on Google and every other website just like LIHYH, but practically it's only and only depends on you.

Looking at the statistic of people affected mentally by social media are tremendous, spending more than 3 hours on social media per day puts adolescents at a higher risk for mental health problems. 13% of kids ages 12-17 report depression and 32% report anxiety. 25% of 18 to 25-year-olds report the mental illness. These age groups report high usage of social media.

The following report is from Nov 12, 2020 source: Etactics

If you see the main culprit, it's nonother than we, ourselves because we know the answers for our mental health sometimes. Yes, I agree that sometimes it's hard and it's unfair to judge mental health problems but remember that we spend our time scrolling through someone's feed and we blame social media for wasting our time and life, shouldn't we blame ourselves for this?

Being alive in this generation we obviously will be on social media websites and stacking, reading, following, liking, commenting and many more various kinds of thing we might be doing and I'm sure that might lead you to some kind of stress, by expecting the number of comments and likes or expecting replies from your crush or anyone, don't you? You know social media is where you might not unfriend or unfollow someone even if you are not talking with that particular person. But there is a catch!

We follow everyone no matter if it is our friend or an unknown person, but the catch is we tend to have a different feeling about all the post they post on their timeline, we start to compare our life with their life and make ourselves feel that we are doing nothing in our life, the reality is that we think that they are living their life to fullest, they are having fun in what they are doing, but remember that Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson is also an example of hating his job, he was tired and exhausted of playing Mr. Bean so, you can analyze that not everyone you see on social media or any other platforms smiling, happy and having fun are truly happy in real life.

The world is not yet using social media in the right way or they are not consuming the right content. The world is big and social media is gonna be a part of this world, there are gonna be innovations in the future but what's important is that we use all the technologies properly.

Social Media is for information, you can check out Abhi and Niyu for valuable information, they have created their passion for reading and video making into a profession. Many people can help you to grow in your life. Social media can also help you to express your talents so that you can reach out to as many people as you want so that in the end, you can't say that you didn't get any chances to express your talent.

Just as basic as you want, Social media help you to connect with many people, but some people get bullied and many more freakiest things would be happening that we can't even imagine. Being on Social Media you need to be smarter, stronger, and wiser.

As days are passing by the usage of Social Media is increasing so as the Mental health issues. The reason behind me telling everyone including myself that we are the reason behind our own mental health is because even though we know that social media is impacting our mental health negatively, it's hard to stop using social media. The solution to this addictive impact is that we can at least reduce using social media or consumed good content.


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