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Respect the things you have.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Respect the things you have.

As we are born, 6 months old we start to learn how to walk and we try to walk and then slowly as we learn to walk we get curious to run, jump do a number of things. That’s good it’s okay to be greedy in the beginning but if you carry on greediness in your whole life it will harm you and never make you proud of what you have now. As we know that our human psychological nature is never-ending for the wants, demand, and needs. So, let’s begin with today’s topic.

If I can say that human nature is like no matter what you have it, how much you have it, it will never satisfy the human. We as a human are a jerk, our grandparents and parents always make us learn to respect the things what we have in our hands in today’s time, but the thing is we roast our grandparent's talks. Yes, we agreed that they don’t understand the generation's needs and wants like how we understand but at least understand the aim towards what they are trying to make us learn. The aim of our grandparents is that to respect the thing you have, why? Because they know the value of the thing you have now because in their time the things you have now weren’t there. In today’s time as we are running towards technology our parents and grandparents are developing you to be practical in today’s time because technology is going to make you lazy day by day, do the things by yourself most of the time because if we don’t then, there comes a time where you will die sitting on a couch holding a phone watching TV and if we analyze the death record it will be in millions and the reason will be being lazy.

As I have talked about greediness here I’ll say that the greediness towards achieving something in life shouldn’t get stopped because the life is very short to have only one goal, aims or dreams in life, but we are not stopping here after achieving we as a human being, we never look for the needy ones as we earn more and more we forget the value of the things which we can earn quickly i.e food, clothes, phones, etc. So, it is mandatory to respect the things that we have, help others whoever needs so that you can understand the thing that you have and how it be helpful for others.

People always act through there class looking around for someone to help is just never a thing for people with “class” So, let's make a step forward and look for others, don’t let this humanity die. It is important that to give priority to yourself but when it’s needed for others don’t ever stop your hands to help others. Let’s make this chain.

If something is useless for you than, don’t throw it away who know it might benefit some other people. 

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