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Procrastination is the new murderer.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Procrastination is the new murderer.

So, I’m back with some new topic “Procrastination is the new murderer” 

In human life, procrastination is that part where we find pleasure to do that like we do every now and then. We find a different kind of pleasure, happiness, peace, and many of the pleasant things by procrastinating important things.

First let me tell you all, that what is procrastinating, it’s the basics things which we do while we wake up in the morning when mum tries to wake us up and we say “More 5 minutes” that’s the basics example of just let go the time because we are getting that pleasure of sleeping 5 more minutes. You know this procrastination can stop you from growing in your life like if you let go every damn thing you will face to many problems in your life like age factor could be the big reason in procrastinating. When we had some important work we always try to avoid while doing work we suddenly remember those things which are useless for that particular moment, you know everything about what you are doing but you won’t do the things which are important at that moment.

By procrastinating we lose so many big opportunities if constantly procrastinate than you can lose the number of opportunities like if you start to study before an exam then that is the good thing you are doing but if you think that there is a lot of time to prepare for the exam than darling you are going to do the same things when the exam is 10 days away and then you will end up studying on the exam. 

While grabbing any opportunity in our mind the thoughts are running faster than anything in this world and you will end up losing the opportunity, let’s connect the superman story here as I said before that if I didn’t step up to face the crowd while being in a Superman Costume in school fancy dress competition than in today’s time I won’t able to try to face the people, what I mean to say that I won’t put a challenge for myself to face my own fear if I would have procrastinated that day by thinking of failure. 

Social media has been the best example of today’s generation for procrastinating things. We get so addicted to this social media that whenever there is some work which has been told us to do at a particular time by our parents or anyone while we are on social media we always take time as for us being on social media is more important than doing some valuable work. 

Now let’s put yourself in doing important work and ask yourself how many breaks you take while completing that work I mean, we do take breaks but not longer than the duration of the work. Those are the things which can make us lazy on doing something productive in life because we always procrastinate 

Procrastination is the new murderer.

Ah! now let’s talk about exercise, maintaining our own self, you know we are a je*k in this world like we procrastinate in the things which truly love. Take an example that you love to go to the gym but we procrastinate in this all things too like we know that there is a pain in the gain but we won’t go after sometimes because will tell our self that “let’s go tomorrow, it won’t affect if we didn’t go for one day” then this habit goes on and on and on we procrastinate daily.

We make so many excuses to not doing the things which we love, this makes a human a lazy. Then there will come a time where we will play the blame game, where we will blame god to make our self fat, I mean seriously? Do we really think that those were the gods' intention to make us fat? Having said that there is a mountain of excuses, there is also a mountain of distraction. Talking about fitness the biggest part where a human can get distracted, and that is food. Procrastinating can make a human do anything. 

We have the answers to procrastination but our mind say that we need to distract by various things but, our subconscious mind knows that we don’t have to stop doing what we are doing. The answers are with you just you need to believe in your own subconscious mind. 

Stop procrastinate because you will lose many opportunities while stopping yourself by doing the thing which you are doing, we know that we don’t like certain thing but what important is that never stop doing things because if stop you won’t know the worst and the best part of your own version.  

“Stop procrastinating and start doing.”

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