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Problem a building blocks.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Problem a building blocks.
“Avoiding problems are the way of bring more problems, and having a problems are the signals that you’re living your life”

As we grew up we face so many problems in our life, and we barely solve any. When we face those problems we often think negatively that which are the reason behind all problems, who all are involved in these problems. This negative mindset than make you think always negatively no matter a person is doing right, so this brings to whenever you are trying to do something good for yourself or for others you will always think what am I doing is it right? or is he/she is the right person?

When a person is having problems those problems can never be compared with anyone or anything because everyone has a different experience in their life some might have faced that kind of problems in their life and some would be the first person to face those, so you can’t judge or compare those.

In this generation, people tend to avoid challenges because the mind builds in such a way that people never thing positively first, so those negative thoughts make you stop having some challenges in your life. The one who challenges their life with learning something new every day by thinking positively are the one who loves to have challenges in their life, this can help in so many ways that you can be passionate in the work which you are doing and help you to grow in your own life.

Our mind is such a mess the problems which we face in our lives most of the time we bring the worst out from it in a way we called ‘Anger’ so, here’s the point is whenever go out with having an unsolved problem we tend to avoid those while talking but when the talks are normal but the mind is abnormal at that time whatever the other person is talking to you make you feel he/she is taunting you or making fun of you but that’s not a case because your mind is messed up in problems and now you are creating more by ruining your relations with others. In those time what you should do is wherever you are no matter with whom you are you should live those moments with them because if you carry the problems everywhere you go you won’t able to live your life properly the way you want so, forget those problems for those moments because the moments which you all will be living with them, will not come in your life again.

When you face a problem think from the positive way of mind where you can think that the problems which you are facing could be life-changing and make a difference in your life. The problems which you facing are the challenges for you, lates take an example you don’t know how to talk in front of 100-300 people but if you think positively as a challenge for yourself than facing 100-300 people can help you in future like at that time if you face 1000-2000 people you would be knowing that how did you do on your first time when you face 100-300 people.

With all of this yes, it is important that having a problem and solving by your own self is very important but sometimes when things get all over on us and we are helpless for our-self at that time it is very important to have some suggestions from our close ones no matter who it is parents, teacher, friends anyone. Having said that in life it is very important to have someone to whom you can share your problems no matter you will get solutions or not, but because for your mental health it is very important to have a calm mind to solve those problems instead of avoiding those.

All of this is on the other side of the phase, we often see people around us facing problems no matter which type of problems those are but have you think to help them with there problem? Helping someone with there problems will bring a different kind of peace and calmness within you and which will help you to solve yours by having a peaceful mind and by gaining some of the experiences by them so, let’s us bring change and start helping other with there problem build some amazing blocks.

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