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Updated: Apr 29, 2020


Overthinking this word specifically makes you overthink right?

We always overthink it many things in our life, we overthink a lot on things which are probably useless to think more about it. You have this one life we never want to overthink and make our mind fall into various kinds of unhealthy mental states. Behind thinking more about a particular thing there is somewhere our selfishness comes to catch our mind i.e We always think that “why always me” but if the same thing happens to others than it won’t affect you because you don’t give a sh*t about others. People usually think a lot when the age is in the teens because when we are little ones we never knew or face any of the things which we face while we are in teens although if a child face at his age then he won’t ever overthink about it, his priorities are way different than the person who are in his teenage. Sometimes overthinking is good, although thinking a lot about certain good things as in, on taking some crucial decision, there the thinking power is needed, but we as human suc*s because we always think about our own relationship why she/he dumps me and blah blah blah!.

Most of the time overthinking in today’s time is very vulnerable, people here take those decisions which he/she shouldn’t have taken. People make the call on their life on the bases of overthinking. Overthinking can divide you from your close ones. In this world full of fitness people only focus on physical health people just never think about mental health is as much as important as our physical health. We live in a world where people die because of overthinking. Let’s take a real-life example in our life when we have to take a big decision we never think a lot about it if our mind is clear but if we have to buy something we always think twice we ask our friends family take suggestion and then we make a decision but till then our mind is still confused. Overthinking is those part wherever we are alone or free we start to think about those which never matter to our self. It can also affect you while confronting or you want to approach anyone. Overthink can pull you back from the opportunity which you going to grab in the future. 

We ignore talking about overthinking because we never took overthinking as a serious topic. People might laugh with you dance with you but you won’t be knowing that from which phase they are going through although it’s just as simple as it is, in physical health, we can see our scars but on mental health, we can’t see any scars. The people who handle overthinking are the one who we called “scientist” there, the thinking process is to be needed which it is beneficial to think a lot about it.

The solution for the overthinking is to cultivate the emotions share your caring behavior and loving behavior with the people you feel that they deserve more i.e dogs cats and many more pets. Though this might be a very small task the only person who will understand are the one who is going through the tough time of his life. We often like to go to places where you can see sunset, moon, stars and many more natural things, have you wonder that while we see those things we stop thinking about the things which make us feel down or depressed, stop thinking for a while we are there, watch the beauty, Interacting with people is also the solution to overcome the thinking although our friends are the one which can help you to avoid the things which are bothering you in your life. We need to start believing yourself the only important thing is the person which is lost in your own thoughts, you need to find him and bring him back and only you can do it.           

“Find yourself between the thoughts which are pulling you down and believe in yourself you can create a change within you.”

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