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Nothing can stop you from doing what you love.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Nothing can stop you from doing what you love.

Let's begin with something real, something practical. 

Hi, I’m here to share with you something about a temporarily handicapped person or I can say “Fracture”. From past almost two years, I had fractured my both hands till now, ya funny right? But if I had, to be honest, I was seriously having fun in a period of fracture. With having fracture I had amazing experience. So, as I have said I was having fracture on my both hands, both had a different story to tell with and an amazing compliment to hear from various kind of people who never give a sh*t about me. There are good things to share and also there are bad things although there are pros and cons for everything. 

||Before I say something further this isn’t about anyone or else if you feel than I don’t care||

Here we go, first, let me talk about the fracture, what is a fracture? It’s just basically spending your some portion of the year not doing a thing which usually a normal you would do before your fracture. We live in a world where if you fell down from somewhere people are first gonna laugh, see, think, and then might help because as our very dearest doctor says ‘Laughing is the best therapy’ i would say that let's laugh when this temporarily handicapped thing get permanent. While being fractured you find it difficult to do usual things, this time of your life might get you to effect mentally too. It’s getting tough to walk around taking this fracture because you see that people never ask if you can do things, it might get irritated but in this phase of time, you need to have patients within you. What needs to do is if the opportunity for trying things is not coming than time has come to create the opportunity on your own. Because nothing is happier than being alive.

This fracture makes you feel the pain of the people who are being temporarily handicapped. It will be just lame thinking to respect your own body parts because we never felt the value of not having hands, eyes, legs or any body parts, we never thought on the perspective of a person whom we never call a normal person, who said they are not a normal person! In this world, there are people who had done many big things which a person like me and you have never done i.e Stephen Hawkings. So believe in yourself there is nothing that can stop you from doing things. If I had to personally talk about having a fracture both my hands I will say that…, let me share with you a story.

It’s been almost two years for my first fracture and about another one, it’s been just one day since I have removed my fracture. Talking about my first fracture and being a young boy I was restricted by many things like playing and many more things although it wasn’t bad since it was my left hand. But this time I was having my right hand fractured this time, the time was different, the situation was different, different locations and different people. This was the crucial fracture that I ever had in my life because this time I was restricted by tons of things. As I have said before that fracture can get effect on your mental health and this was the time. There are various types of age groups of people you meet every day but you know there are some who are not gonna say ‘Hi’ or anything unless and until this fracture. Yes, there are people who truly care about you, but there are some people who see you, and the “compliments” as I have said before is that “Oh now it’s time for your legs!” See we find easy to say this sentence. But if we differ this sentence in a different part, the one who cares and the one who never talks, we know that the one who cares and whom we know will never say this intentionally but if a person who never talks with you says this, there is your mind gets to start thinking negatively because who knows that the person who said, is he saying intentionally or just for fun. 

The benefit of having this fracture is that you can live your childhood, I mean to say that your mom will gonna help you to eat your own food, this time of your journey will make you feel a VIP because you will get bits of help from the people and whatnot. What I’m here to say that respect how you are living your life because you don’t know how others are living. We see while traveling that disables people never get a helping hand for themself I would recommend here to the readers that help people who are needed be kind because the world is getting cruel.

“Don’t let barriers to make you stop from doing what you love “

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