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Not everyday are the best days.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Not everyday are the best days.

Being alive and want every day as the best days is the biggest wish for every human being right? But it’s impossible to have it in our own life as there are days and nights and light and dark there are gonna be bad days and good days too so let’s begin with it.

We as a human are very addictive with good things like our wants never gets stop as we grow old and old, we want more and more day by day we never satisfied by the things which we have. We grow, we face many things in our life, as we are a kid we never understood the bad and good days we always been a happy person we dance we played we fall and we learn many things, those were the days where we never get to know that every day is not the same days, we enjoy every bit of the childhood. But suddenly we are grown up we start to understand that there are gonna be bad days and good days as our societal mental health had put that there are gonna be bad days but never made us learn that how to tackle the bad days. Being in bad days our mind is made in such a way we stop thinking positively the negative thoughts had captured our mind.

We live in a world where people judge you if you think positive in bad days like if, a person is going through the bad phase of his/her life and bring the positive things from it, which are what he/she learns, what mistakes have made which he/she shouldn’t make in the coming future and what not but as I said we live in such a place where people never appreciate an optimize thinking person.

What’s important in life is that first of all try to understand that there is no such thing like bad days and good days, it’s our mind which is built in such a way that we assume that this is the bad days and this is the good days but in reality there are none. Although if, still you think that there are bad days than it’s all fine it’s part of our life that bad days are gonna becoming. Those are the days of the learning phase of our life we need to learn from those days. It’s saying that in bad days we are sad and on good days we are happy NO! it’s all about yourself that you bring out negative thought in between and ruin the good days of your life.

In our life, it is very much important that there shouldn’t be the same days as we were having yesterday, because if there will be same days then, we will be pissed from our own life and start to get bored and stop innovating the things which we were doing before. Having fluctuation in our life with various kinds of different feelings, which will help you to respect the bad and good days in our life. There should be a proper balance between both the good and bad days because if you having a good day than your legs shouldn’t be flying in the cloud9 and if you having bad days than don’t get depressed those are the phase of learning and implementing on to the good days. So what at the end is that doesn’t stop the bad days ruin physical and mental health and don’t let the good days make you climb the peanuts tree.

” It’s you who assume there are bad and good days but in real those are just fictional things”

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