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New Year, New Life.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

New Year, New Life.

It’s 2019 now 2018 is now the past in our life. As we are growing day by day, year by year we are having taken various kind of decision which we have never taken in 2017, we had various emotions which we never had in past years there were heartbreaks with loved ones but at the end, we grew up to be a strong human being in our own life, we experience many things in one year and we are gonna experience in the coming year which we never get know until and unless we experience it. 

Talking about 2018 first three months of the year, there were times when I never had any proper road for my life, the road which I was on was an unknown scary place. I trusted people, I believed in the people's suggestions but in the end it all failed. The studies were going way worsted than before, I was seeing my darkest time from far away that my life is going to be a big struggle in the future. Friends were far away from my life, loneliness was haunting my mind and I was mentally ill.

But as we say that when there are darker days there are gonna be beautiful days ahead. Life is like if you suffer a lot then there gonna be days where you are gonna get the value of suffering, that is the much you will suffer the much you will get the beautiful days. You just need not lose the hope inside you because believing in your own self is the biggest thing you can do. So then the other 3 months were the best days you could ever expect after feeling that the past days were bad. There comes a time where I needed to enroll in something big which I wanted from past couple of years, but wasn’t eligible for that. As we say that with something good there are some people who are included and for me there is. There should be one special place in your heart where you can admire the small things and people by who we got something what we wanted, although it might small thing for him/her you shouldn’t stop giving respect. If someone asks me the highlight of 2018 my mouth is proudly gonna scream and that “ONE CALL”

From that day the life of mine totally changes, 2018 has been the most challenging one so far if I compare with others. Because I challenged myself to bring change within myself the big change because if you keep doing the same thing as past than you are gonna get bored and life won’t be that excited. I challenged the fear of mine, keeping in mind no matter how much I failed in life I won’t give up for what I have been scared off from past years. Meet various kinds of people throughout the year made some amazing memories with beautiful people especially with the college where now I belong. Had experienced the emotion with everyone, tried the many beautiful things which we never ever try in our life.

New Year, New Life.

As we are talking about change here we as a human we never talk about what we miss in this year, how many opportunities which came to us and we missed, those are the things which we should look out for in a year but, we always talk about the achievements. Ya it’s alright to admire the achievement which we have earn last year but most importantly it is also important to look out the opportunities. We need to see which are the thing which we failed to do in a year and are those the things which we could do but we didn’t bother to do it.

We shouldn’t stop changing our self year by year the more you change the more you will get to experience in one life start to explore various kind of things it is very important the amount of exploring things and emotion are always gonna be less. Ya it might not be interesting for you but at least try something different feel something different.

So, the New year has arrived and we haven’t decided on the things which we want to do. start to plan the year start making a goal for the year life is very short very damn short you don’t know-how is the day are gonna be and for that, we need to feel every day and face everything with the brightest smile on your face and most importantly you need to be honest with your own self because the day you are going to lie to your own self those are the days which gonna be the turning into darkest day. Believe in yourself.

You have this new year with a new life you are starting your year with something new so start to bring change in you now. Meet more new people, be strong mentally because with physical health mental health is way important, and don’t forget to spread love and happiness.

” Start to bring change within you to this NEW YEAR”

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