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Modern Loneliness.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Modern Loneliness.
“Loneliness is something, no matter what you have you will feel some or the other day because you aren’t having control on your thought process” Harsh

Loneliness is not a word, it is a lesson for everyone. First of all, let’s understand what loneliness is and what is being alone because we often get confused between both words. Loneliness is an emotion that a person is expressing to someone and being Alone is state let’s take an example ‘A person is alone in the class’ this is a state of a person who is alone in the class. So, let’s begin with the topic for today “Modern Loneliness”.

Loneliness is an emotion, everyone is gonna feel in their life someday because some of the other time you will lose your mind and your thoughts will be out of your control. No matter what you have in your life it will never count in front of feeling lonely, because today I have everything a normal person wants, friends, family, love and money but, still you will feel lonely and the reason behind that is your thoughts are out of your control.

In your life it is important to find passion and purpose this is the source of making your mental health healthy. Let’s take a scenario a person is staying home and not doing anything just Netflixing, the person is having friends with whom he/she can hang out but he/she is never interested in hanging out but what get’s more toll on his/her mind is that he/she start to think negative, loneliness gets so much that everything he/she sees or feel for someone or himself/herself is a pessimist. So as he/she doesn’t have any purpose or if he/she has then they are being very lazy towards what they want just like stretching their hands for the TV remote.

The Solution for feeling lonely is that a person must have any kind of activity in their life like cycling, jogging, reading, writing or sketching so that they can find their passion, interest, and purpose for their life. In today’s time, you see the world is depressed by Coronavirus now people are locked down in their house so that it is gonna be a hell of a time for them to stay home and not feel depressed, it is going to affect people mentally as I have said that Importance of Fear will be known when they will feel it, now I hope people will think about the mental health.

Sometimes what I think is it’s okay to feel lonely as I have said in the start that it is not a word it is a lesson, definitely this feeling of loneliness will make you understand yourself day by day but it is your responsibility that how you take it optimistically or pessimistically.


To help decrease Coronavirus ‘WHO’ is an organisation that will guide you through this pandemic disease.

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