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Mental Health Matters.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"If you want to be a hero then pick up your phone and call or message asking them how are they doing? Because it's about now or never." -Harsh

Mental Health is something people are scared to talk about because they think that people might judge them, now it's high time that we bring mental health in a conversation. The problem with society is that mental health has been measured in various terms but, ask yourself that is it fair to measured somebody's mental health? It's unfair to compare them with anyone or compromise their mental health with some other things.

We don't know what goes with a person who would be suffering through a mental health problem. The only thing we can do is talk to them, be their listener, and make them feel that you care and will help them whenever they want. The most important thing is that you need to be kind to everyone, because if you didn't make a person comfortable then they won't share their inner thoughts or be open in front of you.

We need to be responsible, take the stand and stretch hands a little because you don't know that you might save someone's life. People can hide their inner pain but, it's just like a balloon full of water, the more water you will fill it won't last for a long time, but here is the thing it's okay if you burst your heart out because it will make you feel a little lighter and make you feel relaxed.

The thing is everyone needs a 'Hub' let me explain what exactly hub means here. Hubs are those who are near and dear to you or to someone with whom you feel comfortable, you feel that this might the person to whom you can be open to conversation about what's goes around into your head, and you know that they won't judge you. These are the people with whom you can talk anything. Those talks would be just like server hubs where you can store anything you want and that too anytime.

If you are suffering through mental health problems then speak out, burst your heart out in front of anyone with whom you are comfortable, tell them everything that is affecting your mental health, because it's as important as physical health. Still, if you feel that things are not getting better then you must seek help from the expert, and most importantly don't ever think that if you seek help, then people will judge you because you can't change a person's thought process towards mental health.

Treat depression just like any other illness because you have to be responsible by your self too, life is never hard you can make life easy, you need to be mindful. Men are stubborn they won't ever share their inner thoughts with anyone, they feel embarrassed to cry but to be honest, it's okay to cry and share what's goes in your head.

People often get very confused about sadness and depression this both things are different you can't compare any of these things. Sadness is something we feel when we fail in the exam or experience disappointing events in our life and Depression is something which doesn't need any reasons, in this you feel worthlessness or excessive guilt daily, you can't concentrate properly on what you are doing, and you fail in taking decisions.

In the end, I would say that be positive in your life, I know it's hard to be positive when we are not in a good state, don't underestimate yourself a small optimistic thought can change your whole perspective towards the reason behind your mental health. I hope you spread positivity and be happy in your life and if you want a listener who will listen to your inner thoughts or want to burst your heart out I can be your 'HUB' DM me on any social media handles, i'll instantly reply to you.

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