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Memories and Moments are Forever.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Memories and Moments are Forever.
“There’s nothing called ‘Forever’ unless and until you create Memories and Moments with someone.” Harsh

Life is all about memories and moments you live in a world where we see teenage kids making friends and then they call them BestFriendsForever. Such a childish thing right? it’s just a name which only called to their some of the dearest people, but you don’t know that there is gonna be a time when you or your friend will leave forever.

Here in this blog what I’m gonna tell you that you see life-changing when you start to get mature, life is no more staying with the same people all the time or depend your emotions on someone, it is about creating memories with everyone, living the moments and not thinking about who left you in the middle of your life.

As you will grow in your life you want the attention of the people around you, like let’s talk about today’s generation there are lot of people who are on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more for all of this I would say that we use this as a source of showing off our self, we want that people see us, we want this all attention but when we were in school we want those pleasure moments by people who tease us by girl/boy name we want that people should come and talk with us and whatnot. In all of these times when we live those moments we get attached to a person we see every day, we are dependent on that person. You see your life is changed because you are not alone now, your passion changes, things start to turn when your interest, your happiness, your sadness is dependent on that person. But ask your self a question that didn’t you feel that you are in the best time of your life?

Those times you were living with that person were truly the best time, the moments you had with each other and the memories you created are still one of the best time you have ever had in your life, don’t you? But suddenly that person is gone not for forever but for some little time, like where there is love there is gonna fight right? because you care about each other so, that person is gone and now you are depressed because as I said before your half of life depends on that person. You start to do those things which you hate doing. And then your mind starts to think totally negative you stop being an optimist person. This is the age where you get distracted, you are not focused on your goals and dreams you have just being in your Lala land.

One day that person comes into your life again and you are happy very happy that in a split second you are optimistic from a pessimistic person. The so-called state of being depressed is gone now because the source of dependency is back. The same things happen, again and again, many times. Fast forward to when you are grown-up man, you are very focused you have been through all the ups and downs of your things, you are now mature enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. You are in your that age where you believe in practicality of life, at that age you don’t live in your Lala lands. So, one fine day that person is gone and this time forever you know that person is not gonna come back. But this time it won’t affect you the way it did for the first time because you know that there’s nothing called forever.

In the age of maturity and practicality, you know the value of moments and memories which you had of that person because what matter is for you in that age is all those memories you have created all the moments you have been in, you feel grateful for all those time and memories which you have experience. Respect all those things which you have experience because yes, it’s hard to say bye but don’t you think that the journey was amazing?

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