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Love is important.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Love is important.
“Love is what you will find everywhere no matter you are with someone or alone.”

As we hear something about Love our mind starts to react quickly our mind always starts thinking fast because deep down we know what is love means to us in our life. So let’s start with this, why a four-letter word is so important in everyone’s life.

Nowadays the value of love is going down and down there a very certain amount of people who know the true value of love. In this world, people have made love as a game in their life because we never taught love in school, we have been around those people where we observe things and then we implement those things in our real life. So, the advice would be like no matter where you are in your life start to make the group of people who can love people by respect and care because the world is moving toward the wrong path, where love is will losing its immunity.

In our childhood, we are loved by everyone around us people care about us but at that time we only have more love toward our parents, at that time we are not that mature to understand the efforts of our parents but we see them doing something for us every day in day out and this is some of the reason we love our parents.

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And now we are grown up we are studying in colleges we meet many people and from that, we get close to that one person with whom we feel comfortable and the truth is nowadays people get stick to that person and start taking advantages from that person, there are many of the advantages which I won’t mention but in reality what we should do is a big question to our-self, In a relation like those we often get confused that what we should do and we end up into doing something wrong which we shouldn’t have done. When we are in a relationship like those at an early age we should start to have some respect and care towards the other person with whom you are, start to understand each other understand the situations of each other, start to build trust within each other, start to understand the meaning of love, start to understand the small things about each other because this is the things which will help you build true love within each other because physicality is never that important than a love which comes through your heart.

As we grew up in life we see many people around us daily we have seen some of the people who are blind we see them struggling and when we help them that feeling of helping is what is love when you will return back after helping feel your heart the satisfaction which you will get is what is love the blessing from that blind person is what is love. Start spreading love start helping the people who are falling short of love, there is much more worst things are going around in this world. If you start helping each other start to spread love than I’m sure life will be way different than what you have thought. Give a hand to the helpless person the blessing will be the best thing you will ever get in this world.

When we see an old age people we human we disrespect them so terribly like we feel bored hearing their piece of advice they are the one who needs the love and care from us. I mean we grew up but we never respect the things which they have done for us when we were small, when we were small they helped us to walk and now it’s time to us help them to walk, do this small thing to spread love

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