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Let’s FAIL to learn something.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Let’s FAIL to learn something.

We as human beings are so scared about this “Failure” right? Let me tell you that it’s okay to be scared, because if you won’t scared than you won’t understand the value of success in your life.


People nowadays feel that if we get fail in something that the efforts which we have put in will go waste, the time which we would be putting in on doing something will go waste. NO! it won’t unless and until you won’t learn from the failure. Let’s say your days are going good on planning and doing something that you wanted to from the past years and suddenly you got some bad days and you feel upset, depressed, irritated and whatnot, but those are the genuine feeling when you fail it’s okay to have those feelings but what’s important is to not stop from doing what you love. 

While doing something and after failing your mind gets stuck, then you start to think negatively in your life like what if I will fail, what if something will go wrong, and many more thoughts. It’s just like climbing a mountain and if you fall from the top you need not have to get demotivated you need to be strong and hard like a mountain.

In your life, say that you are never going to fail how would you feel like just ask yourself a question that what will be your thoughts about not failing in your whole life? Terrible right? So, it is very much important to fail in your life. Think that failing is a new opportunity for trying something or learning something new in your life. But just thinking won’t help you, you need to implement things which you thought.

Also, remember one thing in this world you would be a positive person you would be roaming around the world you will see many people who would be suffering from many bad days or years you need to step in and start to motivated them, it would be a small thing for you but you don’t know it would be a big thing for them. But remember that for motivating people it is very important that you yourself are positive then only you can motivate others. Pray for the people who are struggling in there life from failure, bring light in someone’s life God will bring light in your life.

In our life, there is gonna be a failure so don’t take the wrong step in your life because by your taking the wrong step you with you your surrounding will also going to get an effect. In this world, there are many people who suicide after failing, just ask yourself what will you decide to suicide or to fight to make the things right? The key to success is a failure if you won’t fail you won’t understand what it feels to achieve something in life. We think that when we fail the door of success is closed but it’s not there, is one door of light where you can see the success you need to just find that and explore the things. 

You might have seen babies who fall while walking those are the biggest example of being successful in life because they can make you realized that no matter what how many time you fall you can stand up and try and give best, thinking of you have to just try and try and just try. Then there are some people who do those things which they are not connected to or not interested so for that, you need to first of all need to find your interest and then start to do work on that because the chances of having success will be high. In the end, I will say that you get to fail and learn and grow in your life.

“Let’s make failure our best friend to achieve success”

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