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Let’s be FRIENDS?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Let’s be FRIENDS?

Let’s be friends? We started our life of friendships with this line haven’t we?

We meet so many people in our lives and we are not gonna stop meeting new people. Friendships, this word looks way simpler than word called Relationships right? In our life, we have this three-phase let’s say four-phase, which is school, jr. college, graduation, and post-graduation by this four-phase of our life being in school college and all this are most important times in our life. We meet so many people in those phases we learn so many things in our life, there are so many ups and so many downs but, what’s important was that staying together.

In our school days we never realized that who is gonna be there in our future or in our life, In school days we as a kid spend our whole day or half of the day with our friends, in those days we never knew that what best friendship means as we grow old and old we get to know the real part, real-life of our best friends. The school days were the best part of our life because we never expected things from our friends Yes! we fight but those fights have never lasted long enough and that too those fights were never related to any person it was all about food right? As we grow up as our school days come to an end we started to realized that these days we lived in our life were the best days in our entire life. We laugh, we played games, we ate each other's food, fight for our own food and whatnot. Those immaturity phases of our life were the best days of our life, we never expected anything, we never took advantage of each other, we never judge, we never break hearts. And then there comes the last day of our school, the farewell of our school made everyone cried, some eyes got wet and some heart got broke thinking will we meet again? And then as we moved to our college life we again meet some new people.

In our college life we start to have some kind of maturity in our self we start to know how life works, which type of people are there. The things which never happened in our school life start to happen in our life like people will start to take benefits, people will start to get jealous and many more things. In our college life, we learn some of the bada** things which we never expect that from our self. Also, we meet some amazing people who will be taught us beautiful things about life and there are also some who will make you addicted to some of the unhealthy things, you know what I mean. As I have said that in our college we do such things which never happened or we never expect to happen with us, and that is we fall in love with a person Yes! we kids fall to in school but at that point in our life we never want anyone to expect him or her because we never expect from anyone and that is the beautiful part of our life. But in college we never know what true love is and that is the reason we never stick with one. In those college lives we never get a person who will make you understand what life is or never give you advice for your career. In our college life, friendship gets start to be strong as we start to choose the stream, we start to chose what our friends chose, and as we being further. We came to our graduation with them.

In our graduation too we meet many of the people we start to make many friends but, then in our graduation stage, we choose our friends wisely. We start to think about our future, the maturity of our mind starts to tell us to stop chasing people and start to chase the dream what you have but then too in our graduation we never stop chasing people we always choose people instead of dreams. People always have a doubt who are the real friends, and then people start to think that who stays together is the one who is real friends NO! not only staying together was important in our friendship-life we need to understand each other we need to inspire and motivate each other to be a good human and give some valuable advice for the better future. Fast forward to our Post Graduation days we start to build a career for our better future. After our post-graduation as we realized that our life for studying is going to have some pause, we start to choose our friends for our life, who we never wanted to leave, we start to choose friends who helped us to build our career, who helped in our life, who was there in our ups and downs, who cared the most and much more beautiful memories which we created in this little life called FRIENDSHIP.

“Choose the friends who help you in your life and wanted to laugh and cry with you in your ups and downs, because without a friend’s life is incomplete.”

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