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It's okay to not be prepared sometimes.

" Life is such when you prepare yourself for everything, then you will miss out the excitement and the real time feelings of those moments." -Harsh

Humans are curious beings. We always have the need to know what happens next. We also want to control what happens next in our life so we plan for it and prepare ourselves. This is because humans always want their emotions to be secure. It is important that a person should audit themselves to know where they stand mentally and physically. But life throws moments at you where you won’t be prepared and the reactions you produce at that time are real. And those moments are the most memorable ones too.

When you prepare your reactions and emotions for a particular moment, it will degrade the value of that particular moment because what matters is you reacting as your natural self. People get very uncomfortable when their reaction towards the things they love turns out to be a joke and that's the reason people prepare their emotions and reactions. Let us see some examples to understand what I'm trying to explain.

Example Number: 1

Let us assume that it's your birthday, a day before your birthday you get to know about one particular person's gift which he/she is gonna give you on your birthday in front of your friends and you feel overwhelmed by the gift which he/she has prepared. But what you do is, you prepare your emotions and reactions for that particular moment, because you're scared of how people will react or how you will react. Since you know what he/she is gonna give you, you're scared of your emotions and that's the reason for your preparation toward your own emotions. The solution for this is if you get to know about your gift which your friends are gonna give, then straight away express your emotions and at the same time make them feel that you are grateful to have them. Because the reason is if you prepare your reactions and emotions, then the value of that particular moment will degrade.

Example Number: 2

In this let us assume that you're gonna propose to someone. Here you have to propose with all your heart but deep down you fear that he/she is gonna say no to you and for that, you prepare yourself that if he/she says no you are not going to be sad or have negative things in your mind. But ask yourself a question, is it right to prepare your emotions like this? I would say that it is totally wrong to prepare yourself, and why we do this is because we are scared to be sad, we are scared to feel low and depressed. But to be honest, it is fine to feel all those feelings, it's okay to feel sad, low and depressed because those feeling are also important in our life, that make us realized that life can't be always on the positive side, those feeling make a person strong mentally if you take it in a positive manner.

If you are not prepared for the answer to turn 'Yes' and if it turns into yes, then the joy of reaction which you would be expressing would be priceless and can't be measured. Those are the feelings that you honestly have inside you, which is not artificial or planned.

So, be you, be yourself because the world needs a real human rather than just an artificial human. Though it's very hard to understand which particular moments need preparation and which moments don't need preparation. If you start to spend time with only yourself and start to understand yourself then you will understand that when you should be prepared.

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