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It’s OKAY to be NERVOUS.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

It’s OKAY to be NERVOUS.

There are two types of people one who is open and others are the ones which they love their own company, we meet this kind of people day in day out. In our life we had many situations where we get nervous, we shiver, we got sick and whatnot. But it’s okay to get nervous, you know what we don’t realize the value of the thing until and unless we face it, as we face we get nervous. We as a human we all get nervous ones in a lifetime, the exception is none. Only thing is to learn from the thing which makes you nervous every time because those are the thing from which you will able to handle the stones which come in between your life so, it’s been very philosophical talks let me share you my personal story you might get relate or understand the situation and can learn from it.

Superman story

So, the story is about my 7 standards (STD) as usual a boy with a lazy personality and an introvert typo person who never mixes with anyone or never interacts with anyone because of the nervousness of being judge, the nervousness of being a joke in front of someone. This was the thoughts which I use to come in my school days, it’s very unusual that a schoolboy who is introvert takes part in fancy dress competition right? yes! I took part in a fancy dress competition, it was just a life lesson for me to see the other side of me. Before the day of the competition as I said that I was a lazy as* bub, as usual, looking out of the window I didn’t hear the full rules of the competition and I took part in the competition although people were in shock that I took the part in this competition. As I stepped my leg in my house the demand for the competition was the “SUPERMAN” and the reaction of my parents were the “memorable”, till today’s date the vision of my parents are in my head, so finally I decided that I’ll be my favorite “SUPERMAN” and I slept with my happy and excited face. The next day the competition day finally I became the hero I wanted to be, I step into my school with a happy and exciting face as I slept last night. I reached to my class, suddenly after some time I got to know that I had to give a speech in front of 500 people and that was the moment my whole happy and excited face gone down and turn down to the red nervous face, the announcement was started to gather around the 500 people and the nervousness was too high in my mind I was the only one who was without the speech in the whole competition so, as the time went by my nervousness were flying high on my mind and my name called, I walked towards the stage and the baby who was the one who only peeks outside the window suddenly stand in front of the 500 people. As I said I wasn’t having the speech which I had to speak and I didn’t speak any of the things expect my name and what I have become, for me at that time I became only a JOKE in front of people of my school. From that day what happened to my mind was the scariness to speak in front of the group of the people.

It’s been nine years and in today’s time, I haven’t changed my personality from being an introvert. Part of the learning is from this is in today’s time I can speak in from of tons of people, how? You might get a question on your mind, right? The only solution was I finally decided one day that I want to get rid from my nervousness. The only thing was that unless and until you won’t get embarrassed in front of the people you won’t understand the value of the things which make you nervous.  

At a time as we grow up, our nervousness comes in various forms which never gets end, we face many things from which we get nervous, all with the nervousness various other things come like anxiety, depression, and many other unhealthy things which can affect our own mind. Some of the people might get nervous looking at his/her own body structure by which, it can affect our mental and physical health both. The help which we need we never ask because our mind gathers many thoughts by which we can’t get the help, although people won’t know unless you express it. We face many things in our life but we never ask for help because our thoughts are been negative most of the time. 

If you ever see someone sitting alone, ask them what is happening to ask about health, ask about people which he/she cares because you don’t know from what phase they are going through and stretching your hands might help them to sort some of the cases, they might feel secure or care for what they deserve 

“Save humans, because humans are dying by mental illness”

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