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Irreplaceable Bond (Part: 2)

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Irreplaceable Bond (Part: 2)
“Honesty is the biggest key to build the bond where we have choices” Harsh

In part one we understood that we don’t have choices to choose our parents so naturally, they are irreplaceable, and no matter what you do, how you do and where you do your parents will never stop showering their love upon you.

In our life, we always want those bonds like our parents where you don’t have to take those fear in your head that these particular people will leave me someday. But the truth is you will always have this fear of losing someone in your head other than your parents because the level of love which parents shower upon us can never be compared by anyone in our life no matter how important that person be.

In our mind, we will always have this question that is it possible to make a bond which can’t be replaced by anyone? Don’t you had this question in your mind? I’m sure you would have this question in your mind. I would say yes, it is very much possible to have an irreplaceable bond in your life, for this you have to change yourself, first of all, you need to be honest with yourself, ask yourself that whatever you are doing with your friends, partner, colleagues or anyone is that right in any sense? Because what you know and you will never forget is this ‘ That no one is permanent’ and what you want is that the particular person should never leave you which is hard but never impossible.

There are tons of question which you need to ask yourself like

  1. Have you ever had jealousy between your parents?

  2. Do your parents compare your love with anyone? Probably they have compared your exam marks with others.

  3. Do your love was measure in any sense?

  4. Did your parents had any exceptions towards your love? Yes, they might have expected your good marks in your exams.

  5. Did your parents expect any materialistic things even after they know that you don’t earn?

Still, there are some questions that are left. So, after having these questions in your mind you would understand that how the ‘Irreplaceable bond’ you have with your parents. You can place all questions with anyone in your life and your life will be so beautiful.

But what most important after knowing that the particular person will leave you someday is, to be honest with them, see we always scared that being honest with people will may people seems that you are rude or you have attitude type many more feelings. There would be people who will leave you for you to be honest with them but the one who will stay will be the real people who will never be replaced by anyone.

Fights and arguments will happen but you need to make sure that those arguments and fights are not between you and your partner it’s between you and the problem. If we think in a positive manner than this all arguments and fights are the healthy things which will make your bond with others stronger than ever. Understanding each other and knowing that struggles will be there you have to never replace those people from your life no matter what happened because if they can stay in your thick and thin situation than it is very much important you stick in their thick and thin situation.

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