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Irreplaceable Bond (Part: 1)

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Irreplaceable Bond (Part: 1)
” Irreplaceable bond are those where you don’t live your life & dreams alone” Harsh

Irreplaceable bonds are those where you don’t have a choice to select people in your life those are the one who will stick in your thick and thin situation and to whom we call family.

When we are born we don’t have to take efforts to build the bond between our family it just happens naturally. Your parents are the first one from whom the rain of love will shower upon you without asking, whenever you will fall whenever you rise in your life they will be there watching you and cheering for you whenever you rise that too with the loudest voice and screaming on you whenever you make a mistake and then in our life ‘but’ comes whenever our parents scream on us we always hear those scream and we never listen and understand those screams which are useful for our life.

Life goes on and we start to grow but parents never stop loving their children but as we start to take some big steps like studies, activities, passion and many more things those are the ones who will always allow you to chose whatever you love. But what happens then is we stop loving those things which we are doing and our parents would argue with us based on money and time but do that matter to us at that time did we understood those things which our parents were telling us? NO! right? When we realized those things is when we get mature, at that time our eyes will wide open and our brain will start running and will finally realize that own parents are the one who is the sources of guidance and motivation. We know that it’s our nature that whenever our own parents will tell we will only hear but will never listen and understand. P.S: while writing this piece yes I have also made many same mistakes. The value of the bond is understood when the people in our life with whom we had beautiful bonds are no more yes, it would sound hard because the importance of tragedy is realized when start get missing.

Yes, that irreplaceable bond is called a family were you don’t have many choices to make but what we learn from our irreplaceable bond is whenever we fight to remember that we don’t fight with each other, we are fighting with the problems. As we grow in our life we make a different bond with our family which we can call irreplaceable bond were you can’t replace them, we often think that we want those type of bond with other where you can’t replace them. Yes, we can make a bond where you can’t replace them but what important is to start to be kind to others because you know your parents won’t leave you no matter how rude you be but inside you, you also know that other people will leave.

A bond with parents is different than others because what we can learn is be honest and be the real you because whenever you will be honest you will start to build a stronger bond with everyone, honesty will help you to bring the real people in your life no matter being honest will kick some people out but the real once will stick with you.


Stay tuned to know that irreplaceable bonds can be made with other than parents too.

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