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Importance of tragedy.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Importance of tragedy.
” Let your tragedy be an inspiration to other and bring the positivity to this human kind”

We as a human we always want that in our life there shouldn’t be any troubles, pain, emotional breakdown, and stress. We always want that our life should always be happy, which is impossible. Our human nature is like our needs doesn’t have any end so, we always want what we never had, we never respected those things which we always had in our lives and in that it comes all the non-living things and all the living things and you better know what they are.

Let me ask you something, have you ever wanted something which your friend had? in which it all covers up like (Car, Phone, Girl Friend/Boy Friend, Laptop, Gaming Console, etc.) you always wanted those right? But I would say that firstly respect those things which you have because you don’t know that some people don’t have what you have because you only see the upper part of the coin.

In our life I would always say that there should be some tragic story to tell to everyone because not always happiness teaches you the value of every emotion, because have you ever think that if you be happy every time than life will be boring and non-adventurous having some kind of tragedy is also an adventure in your own life because you experience a different kind of emotions within yourself but only if you take those emotions as a positive weapon in your own life then only you will feel like those tragic things were fun.

Not every time happy life is important having tragic stories could help you developed yourself.

The tragedy is never measured it could be small for the person who is listening and it could be big for the person who is telling. It could be many things losing a precious thing like (Person, Pet, Toy, House, etc.) it could be anything. Tragedy can always feel deeply when you are changing yourself by those tragic things.

Let’s take an example in your life you have lost someone who was close to you but you were never that close to that person, you always argue with her/him you always made them the last priority but for that person, you were the priority in their life and suddenly the person to whom you were the priority is now gone!

Then you suddenly start to feel your heart heavy, you feel like something is now missing in your life, life feels very empty, you get frustrated you start to feel guilty and regret how you treated. Then you start to feel that they never been angry about what you have done to them. And lastly, you will feel that they are gone forever and you will never see their face you will never hear their voice.

After all this now you will start to feel that this is the tragedy that happens to you. If you have a heart than time will make you realized how important they were in your life but still, you will feel that you never give the importance of what they deserve. This are the things which will bring change in your life if you think positively. Then when the same things will happen this incident will pop up into your mind.

These things will make you feel like your heart is heavy, you feel frustrated, angry any many more negative things which come on to your mind. You could get addicted to bad things with having angry behavior you could fail in maintaining relationships with others like family and friends which could make you more frustrated. Only two things which can help you to move on and those are ‘You’ & ‘Time’

  1. ‘You’ because there would be a time when no one would be there when you wanted them the most at that time you are the one who can handle your own emotion because if you didn’t handle your mental state than it could be hard to move on

  2. ‘Time’ because time is the best cure to move on from tragedy when time passes those are the opportunity to allow you to try something new something different which can help you with your life.

If you think positively you will get to know how far you have come into your life because you can feel the change within yourself. Many people who would be facing tragedy, be there for them no matter if you can help them or not but be there to listen there issue because it can bring little relief in there mind. Those people can be your friend or an unknown person be there for them you are also the source of bringing relief.

After this all experience in your mind you would feel like why to get attached to a person and give stress to our mind but it’s not like that darling you can avoid people but unknowingly or unconsciously there would be people who are attached with you so, being rude with anyone could make them sad and hurt them emotionally. Having a heart of spreading love and happiness is the way of being the best human on this planet earth.

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