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Importance of Skills and Certifications.

" Find your skills and make it your passion, there won't be a day when you won't get excited about Mondays" -Harsh

In a time where unemployment rates are growing, it is safe to assume that many people are actively seeking jobs. We live in a competitive world where the basic set of skills won’t set you apart from the others. Hence, it has become important that you have both the things within you and with you and those are Skills and Certifications. But what is the difference between having skills and having a certificate? Let’s say that you have a certificate that validates your skills, but when the time will come to prove your skills, and if you couldn’t prove it, it would be very shameful for you to own a certificate for the skills whose applications you are unaware of. Let us look at this from the other side where you have the skills but don't have a certificate to validate them. Even though you mention such skills in your resume, it might not impress some recruiters that look for people who have certifications to validate those skills and you might end up not even getting a chance to prove them and get a start.

But it is not impossible for you to start somewhere. The most important thing is to have relevant skills, because if you have the skills you can at least start from somewhere. The path to learning the skills will be hard but you can build something for your own. Another important thing to keep in mind while learning the skills is to learn how to use them in real-life scenarios and not just in theory, to give yourself the practical knowledge. Always remember that it is nearly impossible to have every skill in this world and there are will be people who are more expert than you, who have more experience than you, who are more knowledgeable, but what you can do is develop your own skills day by day to survive this competition.

Usually, a certificate is considered mandatory, but have you ever thought about how a person from a lower-income family will handle the certification costs? People who are not able to afford the certifications might stay behind in the race, but that doesn’t have to be the case for every financially unstable person. If you see the story of many CEO’s, they are the people who believed in their own dreams and goals and made a different path to their success than others who went with the norm. You can be like Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, who started his company from his garage. I'm not telling you that start things from your garage or any place, I'm telling you that you have to take steps in what you love to do, it is okay to take small steps but you will learn some new things and eventually can make it into a career.

Yes, it's very important to have certification because it helps a company to find you. Certification brings some value to your skills because if you have some skills and the validation to prove them, it will catch the attention of recruiters who look for people with certain certifications. So having just one either the skills or just the certificate might not help you to survive in the competition. By joining somewhere on the basis of your certifications can give you a chance to build more on your skills because you can learn something which you haven't learned yet.

My take on when it comes to implementation and practical use of the certifications is that these days in quarantine people are doing various online crash courses, but the strange thing is that the certification which usually takes 5 to 6 months are the courses which people complete within a week. Will that be beneficial to them in the future? No, because whichever crash course you do, you have to do from the perspective that you will learn something which will add value to your skills or help you build your skills. And building skills require time. So in the end, doing these courses just to attain that certificate might cost you in the future and you might end up wasting your money.

One last thing I would like to mention is finding a balance. By balance I mean that you have to be very careful that you don't overdo your certification and also you have to analyze whether the certification is beneficial to you or not. The thing is if you do certification of some course then you don't have to do the same certification from other sources. This is a sign that you are doing certification for the sake of having a certificate. (P.S: It is just my opinion) And if you add all these certifications that you don’t have much knowledge about in your resume you might end up being asked technical or practical questions about them in your interviews. So in conclusion, it is important to have the skills and their respective certifications to have a better chance than people who give attention to only one of the two aspects.

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