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Importance of Fear.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Importance of fear
“If you stop valuing your fear it will crunch your body and soul.” Harsh

Fear is a world where people hate to feel and hate to hear. But no one knows the value of fear yes, there are many types of fear it can describe by so many ways just like giving Boards Exams, (P.S All the best whoever is in 10 and 12 std) looking down from top of the hill, going deep down underwater, being in a dark, getting rejection or everyone’s most favorite by which everyone gets scared and that is losing someone.

First of all, do you know that fear is a beautiful thing in this world? No, right? Let me tell you how, if a person is having the fear that particular tangible and intangible thing has some value in your heart and that is the reason behind your fear if you wouldn’t have the value for that particular thing, you won’t even put your step forward to make an effort.

As it has said whenever we get reject from anything or face failure we get some kind of fear in our heart because somethings didn’t match or did we do something bad which held as a failure? Life is big you are gonna face all these things in your life but what’s important is how to cope up with all the things which happen in your life.

You know how human minds work, that too from the day we are born? You see many babies around you forcing their parents to buy those toys even though they have the best toys. You know why they force or any of the age people want some of the other things is because they have seen using or having those things by their friends. But if we put some of the clauses in this then it could turn into fear and you will start value what you have.

Let’s being with what you have and what you don’t have. See the thing is we see many things around us but we forget to value what we have just like a baby with a toy will value any kind of toy no matter how big or small it is. With this same, if a person leaves you, you feel afraid and sad but you didn’t make yourself remind the value of that person when he/she was there?

No matter amazing people will come in your life you have to value those people you have in your life because ask those people and babies who don’t have friends and toys vise-versa, they value what they have because they have fear of what if, they left us? so, those are the people who will be careful that other people will not get sad because of them.

Still taking fear in your head always is not a good thing because if you take fear on your head always you won’t try new things in your life, you will just overthink about everything so, what you need to do is spread happiness, spread love, spread hope because there are people who need you to just listen about there life because they might be facing some kind of fear. But always value fear, fear is a mentor who will guide you to a new road.

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