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Impact On Relationships Because Of Mental Health

Let us have casual relationships with mental health.

There is a stigma where people are scared or nervous to talk about their mental health because of the fear of people judging them. But I always asked myself, how did people felt feel fear? I guess someday somewhere not me but someone got judged and that got us thinking.

As I was growing I started talking a lot about mental health and realized that some things were there already I just got realized late. The moment I meet a person who is interested in how and what I speak about mental health, and then after some moments, when that person shares his experiences with mental health, I feel for him/her.

I don't know why people treat mental health as a disease. I have accepted that mental health can be a joke for someone and people are gonna make fun of not yours but of someone else's who has mental health issues. Through this, I have learned who deserved to be in my life and who doesn't and that's where I struggle with having a proper friendship or any relationship, trust me I have to hide my mental health issues to just make friends because I have started to hate not people, but those questions people asking me about my mental status rather than my life status.

There are people in my life who make fun of my mental health but you know I never felt offended, because I know who they are and their intentions. That's why they say your old friends understand your mental health status as well as your life status, and those people will make you feel grateful for your accomplishments during those difficult times.

I know it's gonna be hard for me sometimes, I guess. I don't know how to say this but, because of mental health or I don't know what? but it makes me nervous when I have to speak at gatherings of people or any other family events, because I fear that no one will be interested in what I have to say. The mind of mental health person like me is so confused that someday I feel uninvited and someday I want to be alone but I'm not blaming anyone.

As a result of my mental health, I sometimes sound very sad and take my life very seriously. This made me seem boring, which caused me to feel sad for a while. That's life, at least you are reading my boring life here secretly, I guess. Insecurity within me sometimes leads me to think that my closest friends may feel bored, but then at least they are still there listening to my shit all day, and trust me I'm blessed (touch wood).

While writing this blog I still feel that I have the answers to my all insecurity about my mental health, but I need some power within myself to just let go of my mental health bar and just let people in. In the end, I still have so many answers and questions in my head and it always leads me to that exact question, do I have to think about people to make myself happy? No, right?


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