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How to write 'Personal Blogs'?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

"Content is what will take your blogs places" -Harsh

Here I'm gonna talk about those blogs which try to give some sort of services just like, I write blogs about Life, Motivation, Inspiration, Relationships, Education and many more. These are all topics where I have the interest to write. I have always said that "Write because you love to write not because you had to write" and yes, quality matters in writing something but, you are not professional from birth, you are going to struggle in writing, people are gonna judge your writing and many more things which happens while you write. But what's important is you have to be consistent in your writing.

Disclaimer: This blog is for all those who haven't yet started or are currently writing blogs but lacking in terms of knowledge, and for those who want to just document their life and share some valuable knowledge through blogging

(I might be wrong or right in some point, it's upon you to analyze if it's valuable for you or not)

These are the 5 basic points which you need to remember while writing blogs.

What is a Personal Blog?

Let's under first what is personal blogs? Personal blogs are those which you want to write for your personal use or you want to write about on any topic. Blogging is something that you write on a daily bases or once a week or month. In this, you can document your thoughts which come in your mind and all those memories which you have created with someone or somewhere because whenever you want to look back then these all blogs will help you to cherish all those thoughts and memories.

Where can we Write Blogs?

People often get confused about, where can they write blogs. To be honest, you can write content on any social media platform or anywhere where there is value for what you write because every social media is different, you have to research about the medium of posting and analysis your own topic and social media platforms because if it's about writing quotes then Instagram and Pinterest are the best platforms to post your content and if you wanna write 600 to 1000 words content and also you don't have the budget to spent then WordPress is the best platform to write and build a community.

Quality Content is everything.

100% true, quality content is so important. Yes, I know that when you first start to write blogs you won't get the quality which you are expecting, slowly gradually you will improve your quality but for that what's most important is that you need to be consistent and learn from your own mistake because, if you didn't learn from your mistakes and won't be consistent you will lose the flow and interest of your writing. Let me give you an example of importances of quality content so, whenever you searching on some topic on google you see many results, but I have a question, 'why don't you click those links which are on 5th or 7th page?' we don't go on 5th or 7th page because you know that you won't find any quality content on those pages.

Research about your topic.

The most important thing in writing blogs is research about the topic which you are going to write, because yes, your name of the blogs does matter the most, example if you are a book review blogger then you can't publish blogs about tech, which is not relevant blog. Research is important because you know on which topic you're going to write, if you are giving some facts then it would be amazing to put your research analysis on the blog so, by which you will gain the trust of your reader and increase the number of views, though there are many points like impressive photographs and many more things which can attract more readers. In the end, what is important is how you convey your content message to your readers.

Importance of Ongoing trends.

While researching you will get to know the trends on social media and many other places so, it is very important that you write something about those topics, you have to be very creative on connecting those trending topics toward what you're writing because, if you connect those dots, your journey towards writing and the gate of your generating interest on various topic's will increase because of all your effort toward researching. Remember that when you write other than the trending topic you shouldn't target those trending keywords because it will increase your views but the target audience will be way different than what you were expecting because I'm sure you want loyal readers.

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