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How cycling has been my mental health getaway?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"Cycling is just like life, you are gonna stumble, you are gonna compete, you are gonna face a lot of pain, but the only thing you should do is keep going and never stop."

On my first day of cycling, I never predicted that the outcome of cycling would help my mental health. It's beautiful that unexpected things happen so seamlessly. For me, cycling has been the first exercise for my mental health and then my physical health.

Let me first tell you about myself, I'm a person who loves to perceive nature closely because that's what mental health getaway for me is and who doesn't love to feel the sunset near the beach. Some other thing l would like to share is I'm a guy who loves to walk, think, dream, talk about spirituality, motivate people and many more things

The intention of cycling was never about shaping my legs like Cristiano Ronaldo, it's all about going far away and riding my cycle the way I want to ride because I'm sure you love to ride vehicle slow when you want to explore your thoughts right?

Plugging my earphones with my favorite songs and feel every bit of the song, no matter what song lyrics represent because for me beat of the songs always help me explore myself while cycling because that drives you to a place where you haven't been to.

Fast forward to now it's been 2 years I have been cycling non-stop and it took me a lot of time to find my getaway and I know it's hard to find your getaway because you would be doing many things daily but what makes you happy and put you in a peaceful place mentally, is your getaway. Most importantly, don't stop trying new things even if it is out of your comfort zone.

I have made a balance between the importance of mental and physical health because as time passes by you will get to know that both the things have to go together, you can't focus on only one thing. It is important that to focus on mental health you need to be fit physically and if need to be fit physically you need to focus on mental health because dieting is something you need to make your mental health strong.

Talking about mental health getaway, remember that this isn't the source of escaping yourself from your mental health problems, but it will help you to not reach your worst-case scenario, you don't have to be whole and solely depend on anything. You are gonna face mental health problems in the future and it is all okay, you need to start to accept that problems are here to stay and make you learn, they are never going away it will come in a different form, but you don't have to run from it.

Let us talk about myself yes, cycling has been a big part of my mental health but still, sometimes I feel sad, lonely, anxious, and more other things but that hasn't affected my decision making in my life or stop me from doing something that I love to do. While cycling, nature has been the best part to help me mentally in-fact nature itself is the motivation in your life, let me explain.

Clouds have a different kind of vibes and cycling under those clouds are the best thing you could have done to remove your cloud full of thoughts. The excitement of changing colors of clouds is the motivation for cycling every day.

Knowing that tomorrow is never the same as today it brings hope that if today is a rainy day then tomorrow will be the sunshiny day. Just like we are one unexpected phone call, one newfound love, one broken heart, and one moment away from being a completely different person with completely different priorities.

Not just cycling, every sort of work out helps you to stretch your limits because every day riding cycle at the same speed will make you bore just like you are getting bored by not eating junk food in this quarantine and that's where your mental health comes into play, it will force you to stretch your limits to go fast and furious.

Cycling every day will give you a hunger for reaching over your milestone, if you are completing a short ride then your body will start to make you feel that you should stretch a little bit from your daily ride. But the most important thing in life is to 'START', you don't know what is your getaway you need to find by trying something new every day.

Cycling has taught me to be positive no matter how much I ride, how much time I reach to complete my milestone, and so on. I have started to appreciate my efforts towards everything and everyone coming on the road of my life and understood how important it is to be positive and to spread positivity in this world.

Having said that, i'll tell you an incident while cycling with tons of daily cyclists. While cycling you will find many people racing fast while you would be slow but that doesn't matter because you need to appreciate yourself that at least you took a step to start cycling.

With this, you also have to keep in mind that whenever you fasten by any of the cyclists you don't have to be satisfied by crossing someone, many other cyclists would be better than you, you need to keep your chin up and follow up to be a champ in your life because you are born to learn and will die learning.

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