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Happy Half Century.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Happy Half Century.

It’s the 50th blog on my website. Here I’m writing this blog to every people who is and has been part of my life. When I started this blog I never thought I would have come this far, I never thought I would write such things the reason behind my writing this all blog was as we see nowadays that people are so focused on their physical health right? But we as a human don’t know how important is mental health.

These days who are mentally ill are the people who die earlier than a general population, there are 10 to 25 years of life expectancy reduction. Don’t this sound horrible yes it is! so this was very much my point to write this all blogs because we never think about mental health and I’m here to make awareness about mental health and many more things too.

When I started this blog (being true here) my main focus was money but when you grow in your life we understand that money is not everything in life there is more to life that we need to cover over our life just we haven’t explored our life to that extent that what we need to do in our life so, after 10/20 blogs I was way mature because in our life it is very important that to have a horrible story make understand that you need a change in your life. So this was a reason I chose to bring change in my mental health. Our intention is so bad that we often tend to see money in everything but hey you! you ain’t gonna make money when you die, see I’m not against earning money we as a human need money but don’t ever put money the first priority, your first priority should be happiness.

People ask me about how to write blogs for them I have an answer here that when you want to explain something to someone you can explain through your mouth way fluently but we can’t write that what people are struggling right? But are you scared about failure? It’s okay to fail at least you will learn from what mistake you have made. But just at least start. Also as I have said that often we fall for money with that we also tend to fall for views I would really say that yes views matter the most in this field but remember that you are writing this all for your passion, love, and happiness so your attitude towards this ‘You shouldn’t give a s*it about how much views you have got.

While writing blogs I would advise that whatever you write, write it with all your passion because of your blogs you don’t know that where some will get some sort of help from your blogs, it might bring change in someone’s life. This blog writing can change your life if you write it with all your passion so what you waiting for if you want to write pour your heart than start writing open your blog and start working over things.

This blog writing might sound dumb for many people some people will criticize you about writing some topics you need not give attention to those people because those are the one who will distract you from what you want to do in your passion of writing and many more things, in my case no one believed in me of what I’m writing but I never stopped. In the end, I will say that in this life there are many things to do go rush toward everything one by one because life is way beautiful to try once everything.

“Do such things were nobody wil believe unless and until you believe in yourself”

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