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Give another chance to yourself.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Give another chance to yourself.
” Don’t give up, give yourself a chance because failure is gonna be your new chapter with success, love and happiness” Harsh

Do you feel scared of failure? Yes, right? you should because if you didn’t then you will never try to explore things out of your comfort zone. You always fall from the day when you born being a small kid but those days were different because we never knew the real value of failure. We often give up now as we grow up in life because we just want to stay in our comfort womb.

We often don’t want to start from the beginning because if we get fail in something we never wanted to restart like at that time be so so lazy that we just stop doing those things. Let me ask you all a question that do you have dream, goal or anything like that? in this case of dreams and all the scene of laziness come in the picture where if we fail in what we want to achieve in life we often stop casing them again because we are lazy enough to restart.

In human life, failure is gonna be an important part where it is mandatory to fail. This day's people struggle with maintaining their relationship with everyone that is family, friends, colleague or anyone we often see people breaking trust and emotions than we start to break down pieces by pieces yes, it is hard to trust someone but at this point of time people start to change themselves. A person who was nice and good to everyone will start to change and became a bad one here I would always say that being a good person to everyone is never a bad thing it’s just like having an honest mind is not suitable for everyone. Whenever someone starts to lose something we often try to change everything in our-self, we lose hope, we lose humanity, we lose kindness but it does really good to lose something which could be good to a small number of people but real people.

Be good and give chance to yourself because it will help you to find the best and purest surrounding for yourself because you often hear that the personality is always known by the surrounding you are in, you will be with those people which really wanted to stay with you. Give a chance to yourself because falling down in life is okay because that brings the new you with an experience, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the mistake which you have done in your past shouldn’t repeat again in your presence. So changing yourself from being good to being bad is the worst decision you will ever make in your life it make your distance from your own self and of course with others too. If you give a chance to yourself than you don’t know how big you can be how far you can reach in your life. The better you become from your past is the better the future for you.

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