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Forever is Never.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Forever is Never.

Forever is Never. Yes! I use my brain practically not fictionally. We youngster especially when we are teens we often manipulate our own mind to think fictionally it usually happens with all the young guns because at our young age we never got to learn that thinking practically is more valuable than thinking fictionally. No one taught us that being real, being you is more important than being with someone and act like how they want to, Oh c’mon it’s such an immature thing. I’m not against being childish because it’s very important to have childish behavior than only you are going to enjoy your life to the fullest. But the thing is we as a human not only teens and youngster I’m pinning point on “HUMAN” we think in a such a way that it is never gonna happen in a practical life

In this beautiful world from when you are born you see many tons of things, that all things are useless to think that they are gonna be forever because nothing stays forever, not even living and non-living things. Nowadays being rude and talk about some real sh*t is a crime, there isn’t any freedom to talk about what is wrong because we often talk about only the right things. If a person has given a topic to talk about some positive and negative side of it, people are gonna say many negative things that are related to that topic because we know how to criticize. People talk about forever because they want to take advantage of the forever sh*t, wait! let me elaborate.

We being young most people fall for some of the other people, days pass by our mind gets into immature things, we talk about ‘will stay with you forever’ and what not but in reality, if we talk about it, a human comes with the intention of having some benefits from the partner because this days life of human being isn’t going well because it’s been an insecure life. People always tend to have some of the selfishness in them, we never think from the practical point of view if we think from a practical point of view than the thought process of the human will change and people will start thinking about others and start to spread love and happiness. We start to think from the other side of our thought which we never ever tried to think.

People are so damn addicted to non-living things like people forget the world around them because there thinking process is way different than the other parts. In this, people get addicted to gadgets, vehicles, and many more things. Those are the people who forget the people around them or else they influence others to be like them or join the party of being F with non-living things. Although here too I’ll say that I’m not criticizing anyone, what I’m tryna say that having an excess of something can cause harm to human mental and physical health. People gets too addicted that people take step towards their own life. The blindness of having things forever gets them and their life. 

The only thing is to try to live in a present moment because you don’t know what is gonna be tomorrow, although you don’t know that is there is going to be tomorrow for you? All together we think so much while sitting alone, our thought process goes at the point where, if tomorrow never comes then what? We get depressed by overthinking about “Forever is Never” that we get pissed one day and die. So, it’s time to live the present moment and be happen for the rest of life.

” Live for the ‘NOW MOMENT’ “

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