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Father’s Day: An invisible efforts.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Fathers Day
“Fathers are the gods who make an invisible efforts towards there children’s”

In this life, there is 3 phase of our life to understand the value of FATHER.

  1. When we are small immature kids

  2. When we are in our teenage

  3. When we become a father

So let us begin with our blog which might bring a brighter side of what ‘Father’ is or maybe help you think from different perspectives towards your own father, you would be knowing something which I would be covering further but you might not be aware of that.

When we are small immature kids.

When we are born for our father for our family we are the bundle of joy which makes them happy, have you ever seen that when small kids cry fathers are the one who makes efforts to stop a baby from crying he is the one who can’t see his son/daughter cry, the one who never wanted us to cry. He always held his nerves to see us walking around and jumping around. No matter what he never felt us as a burden, no other father will ever feel his son/daughter as a burden. We always cry for what we want and he never asks any sort of questions, he always wanted us to see us happy and joyful.

As we grow in our life day by day he helps us to build our life for our betterment of future, he helps us to walk, talk, eat, wisdom, spiritual things, and whatnot. When we fall while walking he will help us to walk, his finger is the one on which our body, mind, and heart depend. When we are kids he wakes with us in the morning on our exams to take our studies. And when we get good marks he will be the one who will be happier than no other person in our life. He is the one who sees us in himself, he sees his dreams in us but will never force us his dreams on us, he will be the backbone of our life long journey. Father’s are the best friends to his daughters and a mentor to his sons. He is the person who will make you see beyond what you have seen until now. Father’s are the one who helps you to create your own memories he is the one who is behind your camera clicking your memories. Father’s will never stop you from what you love, instead, he will make you do those things which never allowed to do. So let’s move on to when we are in our teenage

When we are in our teenage.

Now let’s go through the age when we are in our teenage. When we get in this age at least we are understanding that what is a father to us and what has he done to bring us this up in our life. In this teenage, we interact with many friends many people and then we prioritize father with others, we never like to talk, we never wanted to share our secrets with him. He is the same person who helps us to talk. We always walk with our friends to talk to reach out for our friends we walk miles and miles but ask yourself a question that has you ever walk with your father?

In our teenage, we have so many issues with our friends and many other people and when we come home with an upset face our father is the person who will get to know that his son/daughter is upset with something. At that age, our father is the best person who will give the best advice for your life but this day’s people of that age are the one who will hear the same advice from other people or by watching the video, does that really suits to what you are doing ask yourself! He has made that effort towards your life which is invisible he will never showcase or tell you that he has made those efforts on you to grow you up.

When we become a father.

Oh there comes the age were we are married, having a good time, struggled our life to reach here and now we are having kids. Father is proud of his own child who has reached here. From this age, a child has become a man now he has been busy in his own life to bring his child up having a time with his wife and child a person who was once a child is not giving time to his father which he deserves.

In this age, a person who was once a child will feel the burden of his own father (Does this sentence make me feel good NO! Right? feels heavy instead) but in reality this day a person who was a child feels the burden. Making his own life a secure life he forgets that his own father starts to feel insured. Whenever he feels sick his father uses to be there every time but now he never helps his father to make him healthy. This thing will only realize when he will become a father.

Now what we should do in life is what we have to try to see those invisible efforts which our father do towards his family, understand those efforts and try to find the source to make your own father happy by doing something amazing in your life because what our father wants is to see us successful.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there”

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