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Everything about Dreams and Realization.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Everything about Dreams and Realization.
” Dreams are which it shouldn’t make you sleep peacefully and when it’s completed you should live those moments, not worrying about what’s next” Harsh

Everyone has a dream in this world there isn’t anyone who does not have the dream to go somewhere, become something, want something, and whatnot. We as human always has the tendency of wanting something which we don’t have and that’s the part where we start to think that ‘I want that phone which my friends are owning’, ‘Look at this Instagram photo I wanna go there, it’s my dream to go there’, ‘Look at this photo they look so cute I wish I also get to live this all moments’ and so many thoughts come in our mind by looking and observing so many things around us.

We have so many dreams in our life but we often take steps to reach there like ask yourself that have you ever took any efforts to do something for your dreams? If you ask me I’ll be honest that I haven’t taken efforts to reach out to my dreams but I will try taking efforts. What’s most important in life is that you have dreams in your life but, if you have tried taking efforts than it won’t ever help you to reach out to your dreams, try as much as you can your dreams are the one who won’t make you sleep and if you are sleeping peacefully than darling that thing isn’t your dream. This line is simple and you have heard this many times in your life but it is the most impact-full line you will ever read or hear.

Let’s go when your dreams are completed or you are living your life happily so, let me start with myself, these days for me life is just like being on a cloud9 because life is just happening it is giving me the best days of my life, to be honest, but from the back of the mind I hear a voice ‘You are living your life happily but what’s next?’ and here we would say that yes, I’m living my life happily but sometimes it is okay to not think about future and live your life with joy and happiness because you know that this all moments are might not gonna come every time in your life, start to respect this all moments be grateful for everything that you have now because as I always say that you don’t know the value of what you have unless and until it is gone.

Be Grateful

In this life full of joy and gratefulness never stop dreaming because when you start to dream the excitement which you will have to reach out to that place will be the best thing you will ever ask for. When those dreams are completed for that moment you won’t believe that, that particular dreams are completed you won’t realized that you are living your dreams and that’s okay to not realizing dreams for only sometimes because life will automatically make you realized that someday that you were living your life happily, it’s just like from the school days you were never crossing 50% and then in college days you suddenly cross 70% and you don’t believe you start to think to give your results for rechecking that is it dream or is it just a printing mistake.

The most important thing in the life is that when you are chasing your dreams you should be good human because when dreams are completed you want to tell the whole world and if you are not a good human than no one will appreciate you when you complete your dreams, be kind to everyone because with your realization of your dreams you also want that people should believe that you completed your own dreams.

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